News | Aug 13 2019

Zab Judah says hero Pernell Whitaker was a “different kind of guy”

Zab Judah first trained with Pernell Whitaker when he was just 16 years of age and learnt more than just defence, writes Elliot Worsell
Judah and Whitaker (Action Images / Andrew Couldridge)

FOUR weeks after Zab Judah was released from hospital following a brain bleed, a hero of his was hit by a car and tragically passed away at the age of 55.

‘Super’ no more, in the space of a month Judah and Pernell Whitaker proved to be mortals like the rest of us.

In many ways, Judah and Whitaker, ‘Super’ and ‘Sweet Pea’, shared more than just a stance, style and profession. As slick, spiteful southpaws, they had been inextricably linked since Judah’s teenage years and Judah would not only train with the legendary former four-weight world champion but could later be seen in his corner during Whitaker’s iconic 1997 fight with Oscar De La Hoya. Given their closeness, comparisons were inevitable.


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