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Your say: Never forget Dean Powell

Dean Powell
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Boxing News readers on Dean Powell, Anthony Yarde and more

IT’S the anniversary of the great Dean Powell’s death this week. He should never be forgotten. What a top boxing man he was! And he remains badly missed. Many of today’s matchmakers and trainers could learn a lot from Dean who went to great lengths to ensure his boxers had the best chance at a lucrative career and future. Dean knew the sport inside out but very few knew him so well, particularly at the end when life became too much and he committed suicide. One can only hope that the afterlife has been kinder to Dean. September 10 – which has been World Suicide Prevention Day since 2003 – marks the sixth anniversary of his passing. A message, perhaps, to keep an eye on our loved ones’ state of minds at all times.

LIKE the football, I see that boxing is considering introducing the VAR system. It would help to highlight low blows, fouling and the headbutts that boxers often try to get away with. Additionally, if there was an official watching a screen in a separate room it could help judges and referees score the fight. Too many fights down the years have had unsatisfactory outcomes which VAR would go some way to rectifying. Perhaps we would have seen Evander Holyfield punished during his first fight with Lennox Lewis for illegal use of the head rather than being gifted with a draw.

ON the recent subject of Tunde Ajayi’s training methods, I was most intrigued that he did not advocate running as a training method for Anthony Yarde. With the exception of Naseem Hamed before Yarde, I have never heard of a boxer to not carry out at least some form of running. Where are they getting the required stamina from otherwise? When I stepped into the local boxing gym as a youngster, our trainer Harry Holland could tell within 10 minutes whether you had been doing your ‘homework’ ie – roadwork! He always instilled in us its vital importance.

Wow, what a report on the Yarde fight from guest writer Steve Bunce. It placed you ringside capturing all the key points with a real feel for the atmosphere. Literary class.

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