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Your say – Katie Taylor vs Delphine Persoon worthy of a rematch

Katie Taylor
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This week's readers letters react to Katie Taylor undisputed triumph and more

I HAVE been a subscriber to Boxing News for 30-plus years and have not put pen to paper for many years, but I had to write about the fantastic fight I witnessed between Katie Taylor and Delfine Persoon. Having seen many trilling bouts over the years, I’d put this match right up there with the very best I’ve ever seen in terms of edge-of-your-seat excitement. This was a fantastic spectacle for the sport – sublime skill, tenacity, resilience and every quality two great fighters at the top of their game need. It was a shame that there had to be a loser in a fight this good. As boxing fans, we’re often served up a lot of mismatches on mediocre pay-per-view view events, but this fight could deservedly have topped any bill. A lot of credit should also go to the referee, Sparkle Lee, for the way she let the fight flow. Let’s hope a rematch ends up being scheduled. Mark Holden

ONE thing that I hear a lot on boxing forums, and in boxing discussions, is about fighters being ‘exposed’. Although in certain cases the phrase could be accurate, it’s so overused and often said in the wrong context. There are so many intangibles that can lead to a fighter underperforming, such as personal/mental struggles, weight issues, carrying injuries, struggling with certain styles etc. But people are so quick to write fighters off and dismiss them as being exposed after a bad performance! Muhammad Ali never got to grips with Ken Norton, so does that mean Norton exposed him? Manny Pacquiao could never quite deal with Juan Manuel Marquez, so does that mean Marquez exposed him? Did Kirkland Laing expose Roberto Duran? I suppose Orlando Salido exposed Vasyl Lomachenko, too? Of all sports, I find that boxing fans on forums are by far the harshest critics. Shane Barzagli

THE article about Ernie and Billy Smith in the May 9 issue was particularly worthwhile. Whilst coverage of mental health issues is now everywhere (and that has to be a good thing), I think a lot of the real message can be lost or muddled on social media. Therefore, it was hugely refreshing to read such a thoughtful and balanced article about such a tragic story – a story that’s full of the grey areas, light and shade that make up life for us. Elliot Worsell’s words really did such a powerful subject credit. I was also interested to read Johnny Greaves’ words. If only more people could read them – they were compelling and thought-provoking. It’s a disgrace that the so-called ‘journeymen’ are treated so badly, such as when they’re abused by oikish audiences for simply doing their job – a job upon which the great sport of boxing must rely. Real boxing people are some of the warmest, most decent people you’ll ever meet. I had a tear in my eye after reading this superb article. Joe Merricks

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