Issue | Letters | Premium | Nov 05 2019

Your Say: How can Andy Ruiz Jnr be the number one heavyweight in the world?

One Boxing News reader can't understand how Andy Ruiz Jnr is ranked as our number one heavyweight, while another is relieved Nigel Benn's comeback is off


ASK any knowledgeable fight fan who they rank as the best heavyweight in the world and they will probably say Deontay Wilder or Tyson Fury. Ask Boxing News and I doubt if they would say Andy Ruiz Jnr. Yet every week for the last few months you’ve listed Ruiz as number one in your rankings!

Obviously, like other international sports publications, Boxing News’ ratings are based on the number of belts held by boxers or by the status of the sanctioning body. Rankings lists would be far more meaningful if ratings were based on ability and results.


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