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Your say: Give Tyson Fury credit

Tyson Fury
Fury is badly cut against Otto Wallin in his last fight Mikey Williams/Top Rank
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IT’S unfair that a lot of people who are criticising Tyson Fury’s performance against plucky Swede Otto Wallin. Maybe people expected another punch-perfect performance from Fury like the one he delivered against Tom Schwarz but Wallin is clearly a better fighter. He has experience with some top names as an amateur and in sparring and he has an excellent trainer in Joey Gamache. Fury suffered that horrible cut in round three. Obviously, his vision was impaired, but he battled through adversity and won the fight clearly. Battling through adversity is what true champions have to do and Fury should be commended for it. There is no quit in that man at all. The size and position of the cut is a concern. One hopes the area is not weakened in the future but well done to the cut man who did an outstanding job. Let’s hope Fury recovers in time for February so he can take on Deontay Wilder in a rematch. I wish the moaners would look at what Fury had to fight through and give him credit for his courage and mental toughness.

CHRIS SANIGAR put on a superb show of Professional Boxing at the LC2 Arena in Swansea on September 13. However, the evening was spoilt by two awful refereeing decisions in two Welsh Title fights. Angelo Dragone should have been given the nod over Kristian Touze in their battle for the Welsh super-featherweight. He was the aggressor throughout and rocked Touze on a number of occasions but was not given the decision by the referee. Also, Jake Anthony got the better of Morgan Jones only for the ref to score against him in their fight for the vacant Welsh super-middleweight title. The backlash on social media afterwards is testimony to the depth of feelings in the boxing fraternity that two robberies occurred in Swansea on the night. It’s about time Welsh title fights were scored by three judges and not left to referees.

I MUST say, in response to the ‘disappointed boxing fan’ who wasn’t impressed with the article about cannabis (BN, August 15), that I completely disagree. I thought it was a brilliantly written piece that dared to talk about a subject many would brush under the carpet. Are we supposed to do the same with PEDS and pretend that if we don’t talk about these things they don’t exist? Not once did the article condone the use of cannabis. It wasn’t glorifying it in any way shape or form. It simply stated that it doesn’t enhance a boxers performance whatsoever so doesn’t belong in a group with those substances that do.

READER Simon Collins is right to stress the importance of roadwork. However, in light of Vasyl Lomachenko’s magnificent performance, surely it is also dancing lessons that a boxer needs. Perhaps the boxing trainers’ manuals need to be rewritten. Vasyl’s footwork puts him in a class all by himself.

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