History | Issue | Premium | Nov 18 2019

Yesterday’s Heroes: Manuel Ramos, Mexico’s first heavyweight of note

Before Andy Ruiz Jnr and Chris Arreola put Mexican heavyweights on the map, there was 6'4 Manuel Ramos, a one-time opponent of Joe Frazier and Joe Bugner
Ramos v Frazier 2  |  Manuel Ramos vs. Joe Frazier

ALTHOUGH Mexico has produced some outstanding fighters, the country is not known for producing world-class heavyweights.

That has all changed with Andy Ruiz Jnr. An American by birth, Ruiz has Mexican roots, and he represented that country as an amateur.

Another American of Mexican heritage, Chris Arreola, has had three cracks at the WBC heavyweight title but has failed to last the distance in any of them.


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