I was just standing outside the gym and a member, who comes regularly, said I’ve got someone who you think you might know. Behind her was this big six foot seven monster! Wladimir Klitschko. I was a bit shocked. I said nice to meet you and all that.

He came in with a few guys. He never gave much away to tell you the truth. They were looking around the gym, they loved the gym, they said it’s a great gym and all that. I was asking what he’s doing here and he wasn’t really talking much or giving much away.

He saw my Olympic medal, he found it on the gym on the wall and he was asking me about that. I was asking if he was looking for somewhere for training and he said, “Yeah, yeah…” At first I thought maybe they’re looking to do a gym, create a gym but maybe they’re looking for somewhere to train when they’re in LA.

He walked through the gym and all the members were there but he was nice and said hello to everyone. He said he spends a lot of time out here in LA. He’d heard about the gym and just wanted to check it out. He still had a black eye off his Joshua fight.

wladimir klitschko

In LA the Joshua fight was massive. In my gym I’ve never known a fight get talked about so much apart from a Mayweather. It was massive, everyone was talking about it. Joshua’s massive over here. He’s kind of a household name in America, which is great. He seems to be bigger than Deontay Wilder. People don’t seem to know who Deontay Wilder is. They know who Anthony Joshua is.

Tony Jeffries is an Olympic bronze medallist and the founder of the Box ‘N Burn gym in Los Angeles