Feature | May 25 2015

Why Terence Crawford is boxing’s next superstar

Ray Beltran tells John Dennen what makes Crawford so good
Ray Beltran
Crawford-Beltran  |  Chris Farina/Top Rank

RAY BELTRAN knows a boxing talent when he sees one. The Mexican had been a Manny Pacquiao sparring partner for a decade. After 12 hard rounds with Terence Crawford he believes the man from Oklahoma is destined to become one of the sport’s superstars.

“Crawford is a very smart fighter, very smart. He starts touching, touching but he’s studying your style, studying your distance, studying where you are, you know. You’re working, working and he’s studing. He’s a smart guy. I didn’t really feel uncomfortable with him. I think I did a good job,” Betran told Boxing News.

But he added, “Especially the last two rounds, I feel he kind of took over. He managed the distance, his reach. If I moved one inch forward, he moved one inch back. He’s got the perfect movement at the right moment. He was just – boom, catches you. But he can punch. I had to be careful because if I made a mistake he made me pay… He can catch you, make you pay and knock you out.


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