Opinion | Nov 19 2015

Why Miguel Cotto-Canelo Alvarez is bigger than the WBC

John Scully explains why Cotto-Canelo will make an impact in boxing history
Miguel Cotto-Saul Alvarez
Miguel Cotto-Saul Alvarez  |  Naoki Fukuda

FOR several reasons, this is a huge fight for boxing, for Miguel Cotto, and for Canelo Alvarez.

There are several angles which come into play, not the least of which is the longstanding rivalry between Puerto Rico and Mexico. These two guys represent the power and standing of each nation’s boxing landscape today and will no doubt be extremely aware of the fistic history between them. I think to a certain degree in fights like this, representing their home is as important in many ways as representing the titles they are fighting for.

The WBC have made their move, stripping Cotto before the fight, but the linear middleweight championship that  traces back through history to men like Sugar Ray Robinson, Carlos Monzon and Marvin Hagler carries far more significance, and obviously means a great deal to a great many people involved with fights like these. Cotto-Canelo is a fight that will actually have a real impact on the history of the sport.