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Why knockout kings need strength and conditioning

Even the biggest punchers need strength and conditioning, writes Boxing Science's Danny Wilson

This week we are highlighting the importance of strength and conditioning for the knockout kings, even if you don’t think they need it.

Anthony Joshua has often been criticised lately about how much work he does in the weight room, being too bulky and just doing it for the scales. We don’t agree with this as we have already explained that strength and conditioning is much more than throwing weights around.

There are always questions whether ‘AJ’ will carry his punching force when stepping up to the world scene, fighting the likes of Haye, Klitschko, Wilder and Fury.

So far so good, and that’s because Joshua is a forward thinker, with the next fights in mind. Perfecting his skills as well as being a huge advocate of S&C to help boost his performance and accelerate his progression through the ranks.

This article will explain how S&C is important for those stepping up through the ranks.

Stepping up through the ranks

So you have knocked out most of your opponents so far, but have you reached the top of your weight division yet?

What’s going to happen when you step up to a higher level of opposition and you have the same punch force as before? What about if they can take your punches with ease?

If you have experience in blowing your opponents away, you probably have lightening hand speed and great technique, something that S&C might not improve massively.

However, a boxer can improve ‘effective mass’, this is the stiffening of muscles upon impact of a punch that can be improved through strength and punch specific training. This exercise here is a great way in improving effective mass.

The Best Way Of Improving Effective Mass is…

Developing the strength and relative muscle mass of the core muscle…

And the most effective way to develop that is heavy compound lifts!

Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press … Eventually moving onto Olympic lifting.

This Takes Time…..

You can’t just walk into the gym and get strong over night. A lot of boxers seek the ‘magic wand’ effect by taking up strength and conditioning when they are stepping up to a higher level, expecting a massive change in just 10 weeks.

S&C is a journey…. just like Boxing

So we say why wait? The earlier you start strength and conditioning the better.

We encourage boxers as young as 10 years old to develop a range of movement patterns to prepare for future training that focuses on strength development. Learning and improving fundamental movement patterns will lead to increased muscular force production and overall motor skill proficiency.

Wouldn’t you want to go through these stages as early as possible so you are prepared for more advanced training methods when fighting at the highest level?

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