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Why Canelo is the man to beat Gennady Golovkin

Pro boxer Aarron Morgan analyses why Canelo Alvarez might have the beating of Gennady Golovkin
Gennady Golovkin
gennady-golovkin  |  Tom Hogan/K2

AT this current moment in time I can’t think of any fight in boxing that is as highly anticipated as the proposed contest between Saul “Canelo” Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin.

As with all great match-ups throughout boxing history both fighters have partisan sets of fans on either side who will argue to the death that “their man” will easily defeat the other. Go on any boxing forum, speak to any group of fighters or fans at a gym and you will hear convincing stories for both sides. Today I am going to attempt to break down why Canelo could be the one to inflict GGG’s first professional career loss, but it sure won’t be easy.

Golovkin is known as a destroyer with almost mythical punching power, and quite rightly so. He is, as of today, the middleweight champion with the highest KO % in boxing history. While being blessed with some God-given/genetic traits have no doubt contributed to that, I am far more convinced that it is GGG’s technical prowess that have enabled him to storm to the top of the boxing world. A fighter with tremendous balance, an acute sense of positioning and an unbelievable ability to cut off the ring. Golovkin finds himself ready and able to deliver bone crushing punches at any and every moment. The majority of Golovkin opponents have entered the ring and attempted to box on the back foot, not remain stationary and avoid fighting fire with fire, this has resulted with almost all being KO’d. Golovkin has proven to be somewhat an anomaly when it comes to KO wielding fighters, he has absolutely no problem fighting a mover. In general big punchers seem to struggle against movers because as you may not know, you need to set your feet to be able to punch hard. It is very difficult to set your feet if you’re constantly moving to catch up with a fleeing opponent. Where GGG has shown any vulnerabilities (and I use this term very loosely as he has still beaten every single opponent and nearly all of them by KO) is against opponents who refused to back up and in some instances even managed to push GGG back, although very fleetingly.


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