Opinion | Oct 10 2015

Why being a boxing official is a thankless task

Mickey Vann explains the pitfalls of scoring a boxing match from the comfort of your own living room
Mickey Vann
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WHAT a great performance from Ovill McKenzie against Victor Emilio Ramirez in Argentina, a late substitute, 11 days notice, in another country and a hostile environment – I know I have refereed there on four occasions.

What I can’t understand is our fickle supporters that have to find a fault with the judging whatever the result. We recently had Jamie McDonnell going back into the Lion’s Den in Texas and repeating his win but a large section of support, although congratulating him, also thought he was lucky. We now have Ovill securing a majority draw and the support telling all and sundry that he was robbed of the IBF world title by the judges and there should be a rematch.

Yes there should be a rematch as there wasn’t a conclusive result but to say that the judges were at fault is an insult to the officials. Three neutral judges were within a point of one another, 115 to 113 for Ovill, 115 to 113 for Emilio, and 114 to 114 – a draw. A lot of the rounds where close so if the judge for Ovill gave one of the close rounds the other way his score would be 114 to 114 still a draw. If the judge that gave one of the close rounds to Ovill instead of Emilio his score would also be 114 to 114 a unanimous draw, so how the hell is that bad scoring from the three officials?


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