Opinion | Jun 11 2019

Where does Andy Ruiz Jnr’s Snickers belt rank among the world heavyweight titles?

Andy Ruiz Jnr has added the Snickers heavyweight title to the WBA, IBF and WBO versions he ripped from Anthony Joshua, writes Elliot Worsell
Andy Ruiz
Ruiz is hoping to repeat his victory

ALTHOUGH it sounds nuts, and although we make a habit of moaning whenever a new title is introduced to a sport already teeming with them, we should, in the case of Andy Ruiz Jnr’s Snickers belt, celebrate its arrival and welcome it with open arms.

Like its owner, the Snickers heavyweight title, currently being paraded around Mexico, is pure, it’s different, it’s so wrong it’s right, and it’s refreshing for every single one of these reasons:

One: there is no pretence whatsoever. The Snickers heavyweight title doesn’t hide behind a colour – be it gold, silver or pearl – and doesn’t claim to be something it is not. Instead, what you have is a bespoke belt on which a Snickers logo has been applied. Nothing more, nothing less. It is a belt then awarded to a heavyweight who declared his love for the chocolate bar before the biggest fight of his life and, upon winning said fight, reaffirmed his love in pursuit of either sponsorship or, more likely given Ruiz’s humble disposition, a year’s supply.


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