‘When you hurt George Foreman, it just made him mad’

George Foreman
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James Slater speaks to Bobby Crabtree about George Foreman and much more

IN the current edition of Boxing News magazine, James Slater speaks to Bobby Crabtree about fighting George Foreman and much more. Here’s an exclusive extract from Crabtree on Foreman:

He said I hurt him. But with George, when you hurt him it just made him mad! But he never knocked me out. I was stuck on the ropes, I guess taking too many punches, but I was still throwing back. Anyway, I have footage of the fight as my wife recorded it. I have most of my fights on record. At the time I never thought Foreman would be able to win back the world title. But, yeah, he did it. He could really take a punch, as he showed in the Holyfield fight and against Tommy Morrison. I had about a week’s notice to fight Foreman, as usual, but I’m glad I took the fight. I hit him with some good shots.

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