Feature | Jul 28 2015

When Anthony Joshua met Tyson Fury

They sparred for Tyson Fury's watch. Now Joshua wants a second crack at winning that Rolex, writes John Dennen
anthony joshua fight
anthony-joshua  |  Action Images/Andrew Couldridge

IT started with a Rolex. Anthony Joshua had only just taken up the sport, hadn’t heard of Tyson Fury before, but he was sparring the young heavyweight to win the watch.

“I just thought there’s this big guy, he’s from Manchester and my coach said he said anyone who knocks him out gets his Rolex. He put it in the Boxing News. My coach said, ‘If you want that Rolex, take it to him,’” he recalled. “We went to war.

“It wasn’t really a technical thing – holding with one hand, trying to hit me, low blowing. I was an amateur. This was about 2009. I wasn’t on GB, I was really inexperienced back then – I had my first fight November 2008, I was really inexperienced. We just got into a war. I didn’t even know who he was. I didn’t get into boxing [until 2008].”


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