News | Apr 10 2018

What’s next for Roman Gonzalez

Roman Gonzalez will make his ring return on May 5 but the Nicaraguan legend has nothing left to prove, writes Lee Gormley
Roman Gonzalez
Roman-Gonzalez  |  Chris Farina/K2

“OLD fighters don’t fade away. They just slowly die in front of our eyes.”

The late Budd Schulberg’s famous words are as relevant today as they were when he penned them back in 1998, as he oversaw an aged Roberto Duran sustain an unmerciful beating at the hands of William Joppy in Las Vegas.

Roman Gonzalez, the petite, baby-faced Nicaraguan, may be just 30 years of age but in boxing regards at the lower weight classes he has extensive mileage on the clock. Having turned professional back in July 2005, the popular former pound-for-pound star went on to become the first fighter to claim world titles in all four of the sport’s smallest divisions.