What’s happened to Charles Martin?

Charles Martin
Martin's brief reign as a world champion prompted many more questions than answers Action Images/Andrew Couldridge
In a bizarre rant Charles Martin declares he'd whip Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker

CHARLES MARTIN seems in a bad way since tamely conceding his IBF heavyweight title to Anthony Joshua in April.

On Instagram Martin has issued a bizarre series of posts, including brandishing guns in front of the camera in one of them.

In fact he looks in a worrying state. In a later post Charles declared, “I smoke weed, b****, but I don’t drink alcohol, I’ll f*** you up.”

He seems sore at his loss to the new IBF champion. “Anthony Joshua, you disappointed 20,000 people,” he said, presumably referring to his latest contest with Eric Molina.

The rant continued with Charles saying Joshua should fight multiple opponents. “I’m Bruce Lee,” he went on. “I’m about to kick 10 of y’all’s asses in one night. So Joseph Parker, I’m going to whup your ass and I’m going to whup your ass on the same night, Anthony Joshua. Mark my words.”

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