Feature | Nov 15 2017

What would the ultimate boxing card be?

Ronnie McCluskey details his top five fantasy boxing match-ups. Let us know yours
Muhammad Ali
A heavyweight who fought like a welterweight The Courier Journal/USA Today Sports

ASK any boxing diehard about their favourite hypothetical fight and be prepared to do nothing but listen as they rattle on for several hours. Like football fans debating who’s greater – Pele or Maradona (or Messi or Ronaldo) – pugilism’s ardent votaries like to go deep on a topic, coming at it from different angles and perspectives like berserking switch-hitters. Certain imaginary showdowns have been theorised and bickered over for generations.

If you were a promoter in possession of a reliable a time machine – a fanciful notion, granted – what bouts would you put together? You can draw from boxing’s deep well of talent through the ages and select fighters at the height of their powers to present the most stacked card in sporting history. Five fights. One night. The Ultimate Card.

For what it’s worth, this is the one I’d make.