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What makes Vasyl Lomachenko so good

Investigating the prowess of Vasyl Lomachenko with help from opponents, sparring partners, a performance analyst and the man himself
Vasyl Lomachenko
Lomachenko_media7  |  Mikey Williams/Top Rank

VASYL LOMACHENKO is a phenomenon. His statistics speak for themselves. A two-time, two-weight Olympic gold medallist, one Val Barker trophy (for being the best boxer at an Olympics). In only 12 professional fights he has become a three weight world champion.

His style is unique. Even those who have shared a ring with him have different views on what makes him brilliant. Irish prospect Stevie McKenna has recently sparred him. He points to Lomachenko’s stamina and footwork in particular. “He’s always constantly feinting, footwork, he’ll move in and out,” McKenna said. “Footwork and timing, he’s really fit as well. He’s exceptionally fit. He keeps the same level the whole time. He doesn’t get tired or anything. It’s everything really. He’s good all round. He’s exceptional, a gifted fighter.

“He’s always thinking so he’s making you think all the time. You can’t switch off against him. He’s so fast as well.”


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