Opinion | Aug 23 2018

What makes Deontay Wilder so dangerous

In his Letter from America, Tony Jeffries describes taking Deontay Wilder on the pads and what makes him so effective
Deontay Wilder
IMG_3297  |  Photo: @webvixxen @lantonova

LAST week I trained and spent time with the current WBC world heavyweight champion, Deontay Wilder. After he posted a picture of us training together, my social media blew up with people asking me about his power, speed, attitude next opponent, and pretty much everything else you can think of.

The last time Wilder lost was actually about an hour after my last defeat back in the 2008 Beijing Olympics semi-finals. He competed in the weight class above me and we both came away from the Games with bronze medals, which when I met him gave us an instant bond in a way.

He came to the gym I co-own in Santa Monica, Box ’N Burn, and I trained him for a TV show he is to be featured in. He was great – his energy and confidence were through the roof. I’ve never met Mike Tyson but for some reason he reminded me of him in some ways.