Opinion | Nov 21 2015

What is going through the minds of Miguel Cotto and Canelo Alvarez right now?

Former contender and trainer John Scully explains what is going through the minds of Cotto and Canelo hours before the fight
miguel-cotto-canelo-alvarez-lv-arrivals-16-photo-by-naoki-fukuda  |  Naoki Fukuda

THE immediate hours before a fight, especially one as big as Cotto-Canelo, are often among the worst times in any fighter’s career. Literally every waking moment can see a boxer’s mind filled to the brim with what feels like millions of thoughts running through, sometimes several different thoughts at the very same time. You find yourself playing out every possible scenario for and against you on fight night. Most often, a boxer will mentally run through his training camp to see if he covered all the bases.

Did I feel good in sparring? Did I run enough? Did I rest enough? Did I eat the proper foods? Am I bringing the right strategy to the ring? What if that strategy doesn’t work? Do I have a solid backup plan?

You even can find yourself asking yourself the most bizarre questions that actually seem rational and important at the time.