Feature | Oct 30 2016

When Sugar Ray Leonard sparred Roy Jones

A special interview with Sugar Ray Leonard features in the forthcoming Boxing News Annual
sugar ray leonard
Sugar-Ray-Leonard  |  Richard Mackson/USA Today Sports

Who is the best fighter you sparred?

It had to be Howard Davis. His handspeed was super, super fast – and I thought I had quick hands. He came within a whisker of winning the world title, it was a surprise that he didn’t. And also I must add that I sparred with Roy Jones one time. I sparred with Roy Jones and I had just come back from having a few beers [laughs]. I did! I went to lunch with a friend of mine, then I heard that Roy was in the gym so I went to the gym and Roy didn’t have a sparring partner. So I said, ‘Hey man! I’ll spar you’. I had a suit on, I took that off, took my shirt off and I put my gloves on. I took those gloves off pretty fast…


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