What fight would you like to see next for Chris Eubank Jr?

Chris Eubank Jr
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Now he's set to restart his career with a new promoter what direction would you like to see Chris Eubank Jr go in

Darren Barker
IBF titlist
I’d like the Billy Joe Saunders fight again. I want to see Billy fight Canelo, that’s one of the biggest fights I would like to see this year. But Saunders-Eubank, the build up is brilliant, I think the last fight was entertaining and I think it’ll be more of the same.

Paul Smith
World title challenger

Jaime Munguia or Ryota Murata. He may possibly fight Vincent Feigenbutz or Liam Williams which are more realistic local opportunities. If he wants to compete at 168lbs then a Benavidez or Ryder fight before challenging the bigger names seem like more realistic opponents.

Mickey Helliet
Manager and promoter

Real shame to see him inactive for so long following the wins over James DeGale and Matt Korobov. I would like to see Eubank boxing Zach Parker but if I was managing him I’d look more for Juergen Brahmer who has great pedigree but surely now at the end of the road career-wise.

Andy Clarke
Commentator and podcaster

Given that he’s No.1 with the WBA, a world title fight vs Ryota Murata makes the most sense. A great fight to watch though would be Eubank vs Jaime Munguia, I’d love to see that at some point.

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