News | Dec 03 2019

What did we learn from the open workouts featuring Andy Ruiz Jr and Anthony Joshua?

It's always hard to gain much from open workouts but Anthony Joshua and Andy Ruiz Jr drop the odd clue about what we might expect in their rematch
Anthony Joshua

OPEN workouts (like the ones featuring Andy Ruiz Jr and Anthony Joshua that took place tonight in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) are designed to drive exposure to the impending showdown and little else. They are never, and I repeat never, a platform for boxers to give away tactical secrets to their opponent mere days before battle.

Taking the theme to extremes, Joshua shadowboxed with a high guard in the brisk air for a few minutes, smiled at his adopted local fans – who were vocal and respectful but not exactly vast in number – before heading into the crowd to pose for photos. The

Yet there were still questions about Joshua’s oh so brief ‘performance’. What did it mean? Why did he do so little? What was he hiding? The answers, I’d suggest, would be far less sinister than the questions.

“It’s about being confident and knowing your capabilities,” Joshua said afterwards, still giving little away. “I’ve had a great training camp. I will showcase my skills. I’m forever changing and that’s what training camp is about – evolution. All I’m focused on is that I’m going to win.”


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