What Deontay Wilder should do next

Deontay Wilder
Ryan Hafey/PBC
'Deontay Wilder, time and time again, has been getting lucky,' scoffs Dominic Breazeale

GIVEN that the Anthony Joshua fight has slipped from his grasp, at least for the time being, Deontay Wilder is left with the dilemma of what to do next.

Dillian Whyte is an appealing fight, for observers at least, but that match-up has failed to be made plenty of times before – and now Wilder is even more hostile to Whyte’s promoter Eddie Hearn.

Tyson Fury would be the highest profile fight for him, outside of Joshua. Fury, the former heavyweight champion of the world, is easing his way back into boxing after two years out of the sport. He returned in June and has another bout in August in Northern Ireland. It’s likely it would take some time to arrange and Fury’s backers would be in no hurry to see their man fight overseas.

The obvious choice for Wilder is Dominic Breazeale. He’s highly ranked with the WBC, apparently the primary mandatory and Wilder and Breazeale have ‘beef’. They clashed in an hotel and there is now hostility between the two, and contempt on Breazeale’s part at least.

“You would think that he would be more under control when he’s gotten somebody hurt, but he’s almost like a street fighter in there. You get a lot of people making fun of the heavyweight champion of the world,” Breazeale told Premier Boxing Champions. “You also have individuals who don’t even know who he is. That’s because of the fact that his art is not as honed-in as it should be, if that makes sense.

Deontay Wilder

“I’ve paid close attention to Deontay’s last three fights, and I’ve seen a lot more weaknesses than I’ve seen strengths, particularly when he has someone hurt. When you smell blood, you’re supposed to go in for the kill, but his fundamental skills aren’t there and he falls apart.”

He added, “Deontay has shown me nothing that I go into the gym worrying about. It just seems like Deontay Wilder, time and time again, has been getting lucky to land that right hand because he’s just been lucky to fight guys who haven’t had their chins truly tested.”

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