What can Callum Smith do to beat Canelo Alvarez?

Canelo Alvarez vs Callum Smith
Ed Mulholland/Matchroom
A panel of experts consider how Callum Smith should approach the Canelo Alvarez fight

Otto Wallin
Heavyweight contender

Smith needs to use his heights and reach to keep Canelo off him. He needs to use his jab and aim at the chest since Canelo got good head movement.

Rocky Fielding
Boxed both Canelo and Smith

With Callum’s size, he’s a big puncher, just keep on the move and outbox him. Keep it long and don’t try to mix it with him. Canelo is solid. I think it’ll be a cagey fight the first few rounds but I think Canelo will fight his rhythm and his experience will come in. But it will be a good fight.

Matthew Hatton
Fought Canelo
I’ve always thought the kind of style that could give Alvarez trouble is a mover. Callum’s tall, he’s got very long limbs but he does like to stand and have a fight. You’d like to think that Callum will use the ring and box and move but when a fight gets tough, which inevitably this fight will, you do tend to resort to type.

Ryan Rhodes
Challenged Alvarez in Mexico

Callum needs to keep his distance early in the fight use his height and reach, try not to get involved for the first half of the fight, needs to make Canelo miss then counter him with big shots, Callum won’t want to leave it to the judges so try for a late TKO if possible.

Tony Jeffries
Olympic medallist

Callum has huge height and weight superiority and he needs to use this to his advantage. He needs to keep Canelo at a distance with his excellent jab and try to stop the Mexican fighting on the inside. When he does come close, hit him hard. If anyone has the style to beat Canelo it’s Callum Smith.

Chris McKenna
Sports journalist

Box to his strengths and use his height and reach advantage all night. Think he needs to keep Canelo away from going to the body too by lashing in overhand rights when the Mexican tries to come in low. Going to be a tough night but he has a real chance.

Trainer Joe Gallagher speaks to Boxing News from San Antonio here

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