Fitness | Training | Mar 13 2016

Too big too soon – What boxers can learn from Conor McGregor

Boxing Science's Danny Wilson examines the lessons to learn from Conor McGregor
Conor McGregor
conor mcgregor1  |  Adam Hunger/USA Today Sports

UFC superstar Conor McGregor suffered a humbling defeat last weekend, losing to Nate Diaz via submission at UFC 196 in Las Vegas. A lot of the media attention focused on McGregor’s jump from featherweight to welterweight. A massive 25lbs increase from his last fight in December 2015, in just three months!

Despite the defeat, his technical ability remains somewhat intact. He landed some crunching shots on his opponent for the majority of the fight, before seemingly ‘blowing out’ midway through the second round.

The 27-year-old has been humble in defeat but recognised that the extra body mass played a significant role in his defeat.


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