January 12

San Antonio, TX, USA: Super Feather: Miguel Flores (19-0) W PTS 10 Mario Briones (27-5-2) Light Heavy: Ahmed Elbiali (14-0) W PTS 8 Andrew Hernandez (10-4-1). Welter: Bryant Perrella (13-0,1ND) W RTD 2 Ramon Ayala (25-6-1).

Flores vs. Briones

Flores remains unbeaten with wide unanimous verdict over Briones. In the first Flores was outboxing Briones using his jab to open Briones up and scoring with body punches. In the second Briones scored with a left early and was pressing. Flores decided to brawl with him and got through with left hooks and uppercuts. The action remained hot in the third and fourth with Flores getting the better of the exchanges and Briones was cut over his right eye. The fifth was the best round of the fight with both letting their hands go in fiery exchanges but again Flores was the quicker and more accurate. Flores was showing a cut over his left eye by the sixth. Briones kept taking the fight to the younger man in the seventh and eventually both men had blood streaming from a cut Flores was quicker and working harder and outscored Briones in the eighth. Briones had his best round in the ninth landing hard rights but he needed a knockout to win. Flores buried any chance of that with a dominant tenth. Flores, 23, born in Mexico but based in Houston was going past eight rounds for the first time and paced the fight well. Scores 100-90 twice and 98-92 although the first two scores got the winner right they don’t really do justice to how hard Briones made Flores fight. Flores already has good wins over Carlos Padilla and Alfred Tetteh. He fights in memory of his brother Benjamin who tragically died five days after being knocked out by Al Seeger in 2009. Mexican Briones, 30, having his first fight in the US. He was unbeaten in his first 21 fights but is 7-5-1 in his last 13.

Elbiali vs. Hernandez

Elbiali gets a tough test from Hernandez but walks away with a deserved close unanimous decision. They exchanged hard punches in the first with Elbiali showing well with a left hook. Hernandez made the second more even getting through with sharp rights but again Elbiali was in the mix with another left hook. The third and fourth were Hernandez’s rounds as he made good use of his jab to box on the outside. Elbiali rebounded to take the fifth throwing more and landing more. He had Hernandez shaken in the sixth but just could not find a finisher. The pace dropped in the seventh, and Elbiali took the early action in the eighth with Hernandez getting through with a good combination just before the bell. Scores 77-75 twice and 78-74 for Elbiali. The 25-year-old Cairo-born (that’s Egypt not Illinois) Elbiali, managed by Al Heymon, moved to Florida at the age of 5 and is studying for a masters degree at FIU. He had won his first 9 bout by KO/TKO but has been taken the distance in 3 of his last 5 so picking up some useful experience. He is a two-time Florida Golden Gloves champion and fought in the WSB. Hernandez, 30, from Phoenix, is 2-4 in his last 6 fights and this is his second fight in the space of two weeks.

Perrella vs. Ayala

Puncher Perrella makes it 10 on the bounce by KO/TKO with win over Ayala. Perrella shook Ayala with the first power punch he threw and rocked the Mexican twice more before the first round was over. In the second Perrella used his southpaw jab to open Ayala’s defence and thumped home hard combinations with Ayala in trouble all through the round. It was no real surprise when Ayala retired at the end of the three minutes. The 26-year-old tall Floridian was a high class amateur but came up short at the US Olympic Trials. No names on his record yet and he is ready for better tests. Ayala is 2-4 in his last 6 fights but the other three losses have all been world rated fighters.

January 15

San Salvador, El Salvador: Light Fly: Robert Barrera (13-1) W PTS 9 Julio Mendoza (10-4). Welter: Robert Arriaza (11-0) W KO 6 Aritides Quintero (20-6-1). Feather: Nehomar Cermeno (23-5-1,1ND) W PTS 9 Lester Medrano (15-8-3).

Barrera vs. Mendoza

Colombian Barrera wins the vacant WBA Fedebol title with close unanimous verdict over Nicaraguan Mendoza but has to climb off the floor for his win. Barrera found himself on the canvas in the first round but then settled down to outbox Mendoza the rest of the way. Scores 86-84 twice and 88-83 all for Barrera. He gets back on the winning trail after losing to unbeaten Carlos Canizales in October. Mendoza had won his last three fights going into this one.

Arriaza vs. Quintero

Arriaza lives up to his “Dinamita” nickname and wins the vacant WBA Fedecentro title with knockout of more experienced Quintero in a battle of big punchers. The Nicaragua welter champion pressed the fight but Panamanian Quintero drew first blood scoring a knockdown in the opening round. After that Arriaza was in control and in the sixth round a left to the body from Arriaza had Quintero in agony on the canvas and he could not beat the count. The 25-year-old Nica has 10 wins by KO/TKO. The 24-year-old Quintero was on a good run with only one defeat in his last 17 fights 14 of which he won by KO/TKO.

Cermeno vs. Medrano

Cermeno wins the vacant WBA Fedecentro title as he easily outpoints Nicaraguan Medrano. The former WBA interim champion at both bantam and super bantam had too much skill and too much strength for Medrano and came near to a stoppage a couple of times but had to settle for a points victory. Scores 90-81, 89-83 and 89-94. Now 36, the Venezuelan won his second interim title with a decision over Oscar Escandon in August 2013 but was then inactive until October 2015 when his opponent was cut in a clash of heads in the second round causing a No Decision verdict. Former Nicaraguan feather champion Medrano is now 1-6-2 in his last 9 fights.

Thailand: Super Feather: Chonlatarn (59-2) W TKO 3 Sadiki Momba (22-8-2).Super Kwanpichit (35-1-2) W TKO 2 Chansaknoi (2-7).

Chonlatarn vs. Momba

Thai Chonlatarn wins the interim WBO Oriental title with stoppage of Tanzanian Momba. Chonlatarn spent the first round just walking forward behind a high guard but not letting his punches go. Momba had height and reach on his side and was able to fire home jabs hooks and uppercuts but with no power. In the second Momba, fighting with his left held at hip height, continued to find holes in Chonlatarn’s defence with his jabs and hooks/uppercuts but the Thai just kept coming. Finally at the end of the second Chonlatarn got serious and a combination of hard punches rounded off by right to the head dropped Momba. He was up at five and took the eight count with the bell going soon after. In the third Chonlatarn again allowed Momba to do all of the punching until a left hook to the body and a straight right put the Tanzanian flat on his back with his head out through the ropes. The referee counted to six and with Momba still down flat just waived the fight over. Momba then struggled to his feet and protested the stoppage but he was never going to beat the count. Now 40 wins by KO/TKO for the 30-year-old Thai. His two losses have been against Chris John and Vasyl Lomachenko in world title challenges. He is No 3 with the WBO so not out of the picture. The rangy Momba, 26, showed some nice touches but no real power. He had won 4 of his last 5 fights with the defeat being on points against Paulus Moses in August.

Kwanpichit vs. Chansaknoi

Too easy for Kwanpichit. He spent the first round following Chansaknoi around the ring getting home left hooks to the body and rights to the head with the constantly retreating Chansaknoi just pushing out an ineffectual jab. In the second a left hook/overhand right had Chansaknoi staggering and holding on. Kwanpichit scored with a couple of crunching body shots before two left hooks, the first to the body and the second to the chin, put Chansaknoi down and out cold with the referee not bothering to count. Really just paid sparring for the 34-year-old WBO No 3 from the Onesongchaigym team and win No 20 by KO/TKO. His loss was on points against Shiming Zou in November 2014 and this is his eighth win on the bounce by KO/TKO. Chansaknoi just there to fill the other corner .

Tacoma, WA, USA: Super Middle: Dashon Johnson (19-19-3) W PTS 10 Izaak Cardona (14-4).

Johnson again shows what he can do when given time to get into shape and in a competitive match. All of Cardona’s wins had come by way of KO/TKO and he made a fast start with Johnson boxing on the back foot over the first two rounds. From the third Johnson used his jab to open the defence of Cardona and get inside where Cardona’s power was nullified. The pace picked up over the middle rounds and, apart from a good sixth round for Cardona, the rounds went to Johnson on the basis of his higher work rate and better accuracy as he boxed his way to a comfortable victory-for two of the judges anyway. Scores 98-92 twice for Johnson and a dissenting 98-92 for Cardona. “Fly Boy” Johnson27, retains his WBA-NABA USA title which he won with a victory over local idol Mike Gavronski in his last fight in Tacoma in November. Now 4 wins in a row for travelling journeyman Johnson, something he has not achieved since 2009. In fact before this run of 4 wins he was 2-15 in his previous 17 fights due to his-fight anyone, anywhere at short-notice- approach to his career . If he keeps winning the fights might dry up. Cardona, 24, seems to have a style which appeals to some judges but not others as 3 of his 4 losses have been split decisions. There was a big experience gap with Johnson having 248 rounds under his belt and Cardona 54.

January 16


New York NY, USA: Heavy: Deontay Wilder (36-0) W KO 9 Artur Szpilka (20-2). Heavy: Charles Martin (23-0-1) W TKO 3 Vyacheslav Glazkov (21-1-1). Middle: Maciej Sulecki (22-0) W TKO 7 Derrick Findley (22-8-1,1ND).Light Heavy: Mike Lee (16-0) W TKO 3 Joe Gardner (11-9-1). Heavy: Adam Kownacki (13-0) W PTS 8 Danny Kelly (9-2-1).Welter: Ivan Golub (10-0) W TKO 1 Juan Rodriguez (12-4).

Wilder vs. Szpilka

Wilder retains WBC title with devastating one-punch kayo of Szpilka. The fight started slowly with both fighters cautious. Wilder did not seem to have any plan to counteract Szpilka’s southpaw style and with the Pole the more active and more accurate of the two Szpilka looked to have taken the first two rounds. Although the pace increased in the third Wilder was again having trouble contending with the good head and lateral movement of the Pole and in piercing Szpilka’s guard. The challenger had again done the cleaner work and enough to build a good lead. Wilder finally started to open up in the fourth. He was banging home some powerful jabs and straight rights and this time Szpilka was the one looking tentative. The Pole came back into the fight in the fifth as they started to trade shots. Wilder scored with a hard right but Szpilka took it well and punched back landing a hard left hook and getting the better of the exchanges in a close round which could have gone either way. Wilder took the sixth clearly landing a big right and then following that up with a hard left/right combination. Szpilka was hurt for the first time in the fight but again his clever movement and southpaw stance made it difficult for Wilder to capitalise on his best spell so far. Wilder was getting through with some hard rights in the seventh one of which snapped Szpilka’s head back but Wilder but was also missing with other shots and as the round ended it was Szpilka doing the scoring with some good body punches. The eighth was another hit and miss round for Wilder. He scored with more long rights but was also off target badly on occasion slipping to the floor after missing with some punches late in the round. He was still not hurting Szpilka but was throwing more punches and edged into the lead. In the ninth as Szpilka moved in Wilder missed him with a right cross. Szpilka then looked to throw his left but Wilder beat him to the punch coming up inside with a thunderous right that Szpilka never saw and the Pole dropped to the canvas on his back out cold. The referee started to count but then waived the fight over so that Szpilka could get medical attention. The Pole was down for quite a while and left the ring on a stretcher with his neck immobilised as a precaution but was not seriously injured. Wilder had looked to be getting on top at the end but not too many would have agreed with the two judges who had Wilder 78-74 ahead with the third score of 77-75 looking more accurate. Once again the 30-year-old “Bronze Bomber” finds the punch to save what was turning out to be a winning but unexciting fight. Having now more than used up his voluntary defences Wilder should be forced to fight his mandatory challenger Alex Povetkin. Tyson Fury stormed into the ring after the fight challenging Wilder but that fight will have to wait until we see whether Fury can beat Wlad Klitschko for the second time and Wilder get by Povetkin. Szpilka, 26, did much better than expected. He came with a game plan and executed it only to run into a punch that would have knocked almost any heavyweight out. He goes home with his profile higher than it has ever been and will be in demand as an opponent once he has recovered.

Martin vs. Glazkov

Martin wins the vacant IBF title but the fight is over before he can get a chance to impress. A disappointing fight has a disappointing finish. For two rounds these two sparred cautiously with neither landing a punch of any consequence. Martin had height and reach over Glazkov and was constantly looking to counter Glazkov with his straight left and the Ukrainian seemed to have no plan for getting past the longer reach of Martin. Finally in the third Martin showed a little fire throwing southpaw straight left one of which sent Glazkov back on his heels. Martin tried to follow-up on that success with Glazkov backing up defensively. The Pole tried a long jab to the body and then seemed to lose a little mobility with Martin continuing to come forward. Glazkov tried another long jab but then fell over awkwardly in obvious pain. He managed to get to his feet but limped to a corner with the referee counting. When Glazkov reached the corner he stood looking out into the crowd and indicated to the referee that he could not continue and the fight was before it had really started. Apparently Glazkov had torn ligaments in his knee. The 25-year-old 6-5” (196cm) Martin had never faced a single rated opponent but somehow had climbed to No 3 in the IBF ratings. He could not go higher as to fill one of the first two slots you have to have a win over a rated opponent. As a result he has a very low profile and due to the way this fight ended still has a lot to do to prove himself. “The Czar” Glazkov, 31, although No 1 with the IBF, was also short of significant victories with Pole Tomasz Adamek and Steve Cunningham, both beefed up cruisers, his best results. Hopefully he will get another title shot when he recovers although that might not be for some time.

Sulecki vs. Findley

Pole Sulecki stops brave Findley in seven rounds. The physical difference between these two gave little Findley no real chance. Sulecki was slicker and faster, had a big reach advantage. He was able to fight on the outside picking Findley off with jabs and overhand rights. Findley never stopped trying but was taking a steady beating. H e kept walking forward in the seventh but was rocked time and again by right crosses. He was badly shaken but showed no signs of wanting to quit and was actually complaining to the referee about punches to the back of the head when the referee decided he had seen enough and Findley had taken enough and stopped the fight. The 26-year-old Sulecki, the WBO No 11, now has 6 wins by KO/TKO with 4 of those coming in his last 4 fights. He has victories over useful opposition in Lukasz Wawrzyczek and Grzegorz Proksa. Findley, 31, is 2-10-1,1ND in his last 14 fights but that is only the third time he has lost by KO/TKO. At 5’6” (168cm) he is too small to be fighting big middleweights.

Lee vs. Gardner

Lee hits too hard for Gardner. The University of Notre Dame Business School graduate bossed the first round and then went to work in the second. He floored Gardner with a left hook and a right to the body. Gardner beat the count but was floored again by a right with the bell coming in time to save him. Lee carried on his attacks in the third landing some heavy combinations that put Gardner down again and the fight was stopped. Now 9 wins by KO/TKO for the 28-year-old Chris Byrd-trained former Chicago Golden Gloves champion. This a poor match with the 40-year-old Gardner having only his second fight in 2 ½ years and coming off a first round kayo loss in his last fight.

Kownacki vs. Kelly

Brooklyn-based Pole Kownacki beats up on Kelly for eight rounds. The Pole was the busier and more accurate puncher but also had a big edge is skills as he actually tried to block or dodge punches. Kelly on the other hand fought with his face trying to walk through Kownacki’s punches to work inside but had very little success. Late in the fight Kelly was hampered by a right eye that was almost closed but Kownacki could not apply the finish. Scores 80-72 twice and 79-73. The 26-year-old Kownacki, twice a New York Golden Gloves champion has been meeting a modest level opposition but will have to improve when he moves up. Kelly, 24, had won his last three fights by first round KO/TKO but Kownacki was a step up in class for him and his lack of skills showed.

Golub vs. Brewer

Golub gets this one over quickly. The Ukrainian southpaw floored Rodriguez twice with the referee stopping the fight after Rodriguez climbed to his feet from the second knockdown. Also Brooklyn-based the tall 27-year-old has 8 wins by KO/TKO. He was a good level amateur and boxed in the WSB. Late substitute Rodriguez, also a southpaw, has lost 4 of his last 5 fights.

London, England: Heavy: David Haye (27-2) W TKO 1 Mark de Mori (30-2-2). Light Heavy: Tony Dodson (32-8-1) W PTS 6 Richard Horton (9-6).

Haye vs. de Mori

Haye returns with a bang. The former WBA champion destroyed de Mori inside a round. Haye looked sharp and focused from the first bell. He was letting his punches go with de Mori like a rabbit caught in the headlights. Haye was jabbing with power and de Mori was too busy covering up to respond. Only once after he was stung by a Haye right did de Mori show any fire and that was quickly doused. Haye drove de Mori to a corner and nailed him with an over hand right that effectively ended the fight. Haye managed to land a left hook and another right as de Mori was already slumping to the canvas. It was obvious that de Mori was not going to get up and the referee quickly waived the fight over so that de Mori could get medical attention. Despite 3 ½ years out of the ring the 35-year-old Haye showed no rust and his hand speed and power sent out a message to other heavyweights that he is back and capable of being a big player on the scene. He will need a bit more ring time before going after Tyson Fury, Deontay Wilder, Charles Martin and Anthony Joshua but the “Hayemaker” is back in a big way. Before I get too carried away when this fight was announced from what I had seen of Australian de Mori, ponderous and crude, and the low level of opposition he had faced, I though the fight would not last much more than three rounds. No surprise that the WBA actually had him rated No 10 just typical of their stupidity. So this was not so much about who Haye beat as how he did it, and that was impressive.

Dodson vs. Horton

Dodson and Horton served up a treat of a six round fight with Dodson having to survive two bad cuts to take the deserved decision. Horton started well working his jab and scoring with uppercuts. Dodson matched him with some uppercuts of his own in a close first round. At the start of the second Dodson was already showing a cut beside his left eye ruled to have been caused by a punch. Dodson produced a classic left/straight right to put Horton down and Horton had to duck and dive to survive but by the end of the round Dodson had a second cut worse than the first and again from a punch. The cuts were bad with blood trickling down Dodson’s face. He survived a doctor’s inspection in the third and kept his boxing together with more accurate work and opened a cut on Horton’s nose. By the fourth Dodson’s cuts were leaking blood continually and Horton was firing jabs trying to worsen the cuts but Dodson did a good job of scoring steadily whilst protecting the cuts. Somehow despite the copious amounts of blood Dodson was still there in the last round and actually shook Horton with a left hook late on. Referee’s score 59-56 for Dodson. A gutsy display from the 35-year-old former British champion who was having his first fight for eight months and he will be anxious to continue his comeback once the wounds, which took 16 stitches, heal. Horton, 34, played his part with plenty of aggression some good jabbing and dangerous uppercuts

Dallas, TX, USA: Middle: Matt Korobov (25-1) W PTS 8 Josue Ovando (14-9-1). Super Feather: Erick De Leon (12-0) W TKO 1 Fidel Navarrete (8-2-2).

Korobov vs. Ovando

Korobov comes through a difficult fight to get a wide unanimous decision over the very tall Ovando. Although quite tall himself the Russian southpaw was well outreached by the Mexican and had trouble getting inside to work. Although quick Ovando’s jab was more of a nuisance than a power shot and he had no real leverage in his right. Mostly it was a case of Korobov tracking Ovando and looking to get inside but the Mexican was elusive. Briefly in the third Ovando went on the offensive but he did not have the power to hurt Korobov. It was a frustrating fight for Korobov with Ovando doing plenty of holding when the Russian did get inside. Korobov however was doing most of the scoring. The Russian had a good fifth scoring with hard lefts and knocking Ovando’s gumshield out. He maintained the pressure in the sixth and seventh but was become frustrated with the holding tactics of the Mexican but kept working pocketing the rounds. At the start of the last round the referee finally deducted a point from Ovando for holding who then started to come forward and throw punches and do a bit of show-boating but solid work from Korobov gave him a shut-out. Scores 80-71 from all three judges. It was a fight where it was almost impossible for Korobov to look good but he got eight rounds of work to help shift any rust as this was his first fight since losing to Andy Lee for the vacant WBO title in December 2014. Top Rank have shown plenty of loyalty to the 33-year-old Russian and will be trying to work him back into another title fight. Ovando is tall and awkward but without power and is now 3-7 in his last 10 fights.

De Leon vs. Navarrete

De Leon gets the fourth one round win of his career. The former top amateur had Navarrete under pressure immediately and when Navarrete tried to fight his way out of trouble he was pulverised by a right and went down heavily. He tried to rise but the referee could see he was finished and stopped the fight. Now 6 wins by KO/TKO for the 23-year-old southpaw. Mexican-born but a long time US citizen De Leon is a three-time former NGG champion. Top Rank are bringing him along slowly and at 23 there is no need to rush. Navarrete, 24, was coming off a ten round decision loss to Ronell Green for the WBC NBC title.


Tandil, Argentina: Feather: Matias Rueda (25-0) W KO 8 Leandro Pinto (19-8-2).

Local fighter Rueda wins the vacant South American title with stoppage of Brazilian Pinto but shows his flaws. Rueda was establishing his jab in the first and also banged home a good right. At the end of the second Rueda rocked Pinto with a right to the chin and then put him down with a left hook to the body. Pinto made it to his feet but was badly shaken with the bell saving him. Rueda continued his attacks in the third and fourth but was leaving gaps for Pinto to thread home a few punches of his own. Rueda rocked Pinto with a right in the fifth and continued breaking the Brazilian’s resistance. Pinto had some success in the seventh getting through with a hard left to the chin but in the eighth a straight right to the head sent Pinto staggering backwards and sitting down on the canvas leaning on the ropes. The referee started the eight count but then waived the fight off when Pinto showed no inclination to get up. The 27-year-old “La Cobrita” Rueda, the Argentinian champion, has 22 wins by KO/TKO including nine in a row. He is rated No 2 by the WBO which is just ridiculous on the basis of the low level of his opposition and at this time he would struggle against any rated fighter. “Nando” Pinto, 38, had twice gone the full ten rounds with Fernando Saucedo but was stopped in two rounds by Brit Bradley Skeete in September.

Sint Truiden, Belgium: Light Heavy: Ismail Abdoul (58-36-2) W PTS 10 Nabil Lahouari (11-2). Light: Francesco Patera (15-0) W KO 2 Jordan De Simone (4-2).

Abdoul vs. Lahouari

Veteran Abdoul showed that when he is in a fight he could win he is a lot more focused and took the less experienced Lahouari to school winning by scores of 100-90 twice and 100-91. The 39-year-old from Ghent shed 22lbs to make the light heavy limit and won the vacant Belgian title as he closes in on 100 fights. He first won this same title way back in 1998. Lahouari had not been very active with only one fight in 2014 and one in 2015 and this was his first fight for nine months.

Patera vs. De Simone

Belgian champion stops fellow-countryman De Simone in a non-title fight. Patera was well on his way to a win when De Simone’s corner decided their man had taken too much punishment and threw in the towel half way through the second round. The 22-year-old from Ghent has 6 wins by KO/TKO. First loss inside the distance for De Simone.

Toulouse, France: Welter: Mohamed Mimoune (15-2) W PTS 10 Kamal Mohamed (18-3). Local fighter Mimoune wins the vacant French title with one-sided victory over Mohamed and reverses one of the two losses on his record. Because of the previous result and the similarity of their records this was expected to be a close fight but southpaw Mimoune was always in control. Scores 99-92 twice and 98-92. It was an important win for the 28-year-old “Problem” as he is the mandatory challenger for the European Union title held by Paul Malignaggi which would be a huge fight for Mimoune if Malignaggi is interested. Mohamed, 26, had won 7 of his last 8 fights including the points win over Mimoune in May 2013.

Givors, France: Heavy: Newfel Ouatah (14-1) W PTS 6 Dmitrij Kalinovskij (9-20-2).

Former French champion Ouatah eases back with a decision over willing Lithuanian Kalinovskij. Ouatah was having his second fight since a long lay-off due to an injury received in losing to Erik Teper for the European Union title in June 2014. Ouatah was never in any danger but Kalinovskij did his job by staying competitive without being able to change the outcome. Scores 60-54, 59-55 and 58-56 for the local boxer. The 30-year-old 6’6 ½” (200cm) Ouatah was born in nearby Lyon but competed for Algeria at the 2008 Olympics where he lost to Vyacheslav Glazkov. As it has now emerged that Teper confessed to taking a banned substance before his win over Ouatah there is a question over whether the result should be changed to No Decision rather than remain a win on the record of drugs cheat Teper? Kalinovskij, 23 and 6’5” (196cm), is a willing travelling loser. Ouatah had put money into this promotion aining to get boxing back in Lyon.

Munich, Germany: Light Heavy: Toni Kraft (7-0) W TKO 7 Ferenc Albert (21-9). Cruiser: James Kraft (8-0) W TKO 3 Peter Orlik (16-13-1). Super Light: Howik Bebraham (2-0) W TKO 2 Ahmet Cicek (6-3). Light Heavy: Vartan Avetisian (7-0-1) W KO 3 Balazs Horvath (21-16).Heavy: Alex Dimitrenko (38-2) W PTS 8 Drazan Janjanin (10-5).

Kraft vs. Albert

This show featured a family double for the Kraft brothers. Elder brother Toni won the vacant WBC Youth title with stoppage of the more experienced Albert. Kraft fought a measured fight countering Albert’s early attacks. He shook Albert in the third and slowly broke him down with fast combinations until the seventh round when the referee rightly stopped the one-sided action. The 22-year-old Munich-based Kraft already holds the BDB version of the German title and now has three wins by KO/TKO. Hungarian-based Romanian Albert, also 22, had impressive looking recent figures of 11 wins in his last 12 fights but against very low level opposition. When he met Brit Jamie Cox in November he lasted just 68 seconds.

Kraft vs. Orlik

Younger brother James “007” got his win on the back of a jab that Orlik was never able to get past. In the third a hard counter from Kraft drove Orlik into a corner and Kraft trapped him there and kept throwing punches until the referee made a timely stoppage. Kraft, 19, also wins the vacant WBC Youth title and has 6 wins by KO/TKO. Hungarian Orlik, 21, no real test and he gets his seventh loss by KO/TKO. The Kraft brothers are building some local support under their promoter/manager Alex Petkovic but are not likely to get beyond domestic/minor title level.

Bebraham vs. Cicek

Bebraham wins the vacant DBD title in only his second fight. Cicek survived the first round but head clashes saw him cut and the fight was stopped with Bebraham declared the winner so the official must have decided a punch caused the cuts-perhaps. Under his real name, Howik Barsegjan, Bebraham was a bronze medallist at the German amateur championships. Second loss by KO/TKO for Turkish-born Cicek.

Avetisian vs. Horvath

Avetisian wins the vacant WBC EPBC title with kayo of Hungarian Horvath to make it a quartet of wins for Petkovic’s fighters. The 25-year-old Armenian moves to 6 wins by KO/TKO. Horvath, 36, had been padding his record with some low level wins but this is his fourteenth loss by KO/TKO.

Dimitrenko vs. Janjanin

Hidden away down the bill Dimitrenko continued his comeback winning every round against Bosnian Janjanin. Dimitrenko made a great start putting Janjanin down in both the first and second rounds but in the end had to go the distance. Scores 80-70 from all three judges. The 33-year-old 6’7” (201cm) Russian’s two losses were a majority decision against Eddie Chambers and an eleventh round knockout by Kubrat Pulev. He took a couple of years out before returning with a win in May 2015 and this is his fourth win since then and win No 24 by KO/TKO but his name never seems to crop up on anyone’s dance card. Janjanin was 5-4 in his 9 fights last year against very modest opposition but he usually goes the distance,

Tokyo, Japan: Super Light: Hiroki Okada (11-0) W TKO 3 Masanobu Nakazawa (18-2-1). Okada holds on to his JBC title with stoppage of Nakazawa. Despite Nakazawa’s impressive record and his edges in height and reach this was an easy win for Okada. He stormed out in the first round scoring well to head and body and by the end of the round Nakazawa’s face was red from Okada’s attention and his nose was leaking blood. In the second punches from Okada opened a cut over the right eye of Nakazawa and Okada ended it in the third with a ferocious attack that had Nakazawa pinned to the ropes and the referee stopped the fight. Okada,26, won the national title in his eighth fight and has now made three defences with 9 of his fights won by KO/TKO. He is No 12 with the IBF but only No 11 with the OPBF. Interim champion Nakazawa, 33, was on a 15 bout winning streak but only moved up to ten rounds in his twentieth fight.

Kampala, Uganda: Super Middle: Farouk Daku (20-9-1) W PTS 12 Jozsef Kormany (12-20). Middle: Meddie Sebyala (15-8-1) W TKO ? Ibrahim Tamba(15-6-1). Welter: Charles Mulindwa (10-1-1) W TKO ? Richard Ndifuna (4-3).

Daku vs. Kormany

Dutch-based Daku wins the World Boxing Forum title with a points victory over Hungarian teenager Kormany. The Ugandan southpaw dominated the fight and rocked Kormany on a few occasions but Kormany showed strong survival instincts and survived a big attack in the last round to go the distance. The 30-year-old Daku also holds the ABU title but was coming off a loss to novice Josemir Poulino for the vacant Dutch middleweight title in October. Kormany, 18, and also a southpaw, is now 3-13 in his last 16 fights. Losers are in demand and he had 18 fights last year.

Sebyala vs. Tamba

Sebyala makes it 9 wins in a row with stoppage of Tanzanian Tamba to win the East and Central African PBF title. He has won 10 of his last 11 fights. Tamba had lost on a split decision against Daku for this same title in 2014.

Mulindwa vs. Ndifuna

Mulindwa wins the vacant Ugandan title with stoppage of inexperienced Ndifuna. Nine wins in a row now for Mulindwa as he gets revenge for his only pro loss. Ndifuna now 1-3 since beating Mulindwa in 2013.

Springfield, VA, USA: Super Bantam: Dodie Boy Penalosa Jr (18-0) W TKO 1 Szilvester Ajtai (4-2-1). Super Feather: Alexandru Marin (10-0) W TKO 2 Robert Kanalas (11-7). Cruiser: Stivens Bujaj (14-0-1) W PTS 6 Larry Pryor (9-12).


Penalosa vs. Ajtai

Penalosa seems to be marching backwards as far as the standard of his opposition goes as he easily halts poor Hungarian teenager in first round. Body punches had Ajtai in pain and the fight only lasted just over two minutes. The 24-year-old Filipino southpaw, a member of a fighting family which includes two world champions in its number, now has 14 wins by KO/TKO but is still being over-protected. In his 5 fights since moving his base to Maryland his opposition’s total records add up to 17-79-11. He will learn nothing from fights like these. Ajtai is yet another Hungarian youngster being thrown to the dogs. Just 17 he has been pitched in way over his head and has lost his last two fights in quick time.

Marin vs. Kanalas

This one was an even worse match-up than in the Penalosa fight. Romanian Marin floored Hungarian Kanalas twice in the second round to force the stoppage. The 23-year-old Marin has 7 wins by KO/TKO. As an amateur he won a bronze medal at the World Youth Games and competed at the European Youth Championships. Kanalas, 24, weighed in at 110lbs for his last fight so a flyweight against a super feather. Kanalas has now lost 3 of his last 4 fights with all of the losses coming inside two rounds.

Bujaj vs. Pryor

Bujaj returns with a win as he outpoints Pryor. Bujaj had the edge in skill and although Pryor tried hard he was never really in the fight. Scores 59-55 twice and 60-54. The 25-year-old Albanian-born “Superman”, twice a winner at the New York Golden Gloves, was having his first fight since November 2014. Pryor took three years out before returning to the ring in April 2014 since when he has gone 2-4 with the losses all against unbeaten fighters.