Weekly boxing results round up – September 4

Wanheng Menayothin boxing results
How Wanheng Menayothin beat Mayweather's record. Eric Armit rounds up the boxing results from across the world this week

August 29


Nakhon Sawan: Minimumweight: Wanheng (51-0) W PTS 12 Pedro Taduran (12-2). Wanheng Meenayothin gets another win to put him in a position to beat Floyd Mayweather’s record but unsung Filipino Taduran makes his fight hard for three minutes of every round. Southpaw Taduran made a quick start over the first two rounds coming forward behind his jab and letting go with hooks. Wanheng blocked or dodged the punches and landed fast accurate counters with a right wobbling Taduran’s legs in both rounds. Undismayed Taduran kept ploughing forward forcing Wanheng to work hard in the exchanges of a fast-pace contest. The Filipino paid for his aggression with a stream of straight right counters from Wanheng in the third but he kept coming. He scored with hooks and uppercuts of his own but was rocked by another right in the fourth. After four rounds the scores were 40-36 twice and 39-37 for the champion. Taduran’s punch output in the fifth was tremendous but Wanheng was boxing beautifully moving around changing angles and hitting the target every time. Taduran continued his attacks through the sixth forcing Wanheng to fight hard for the whole three minutes with Taduran scoring with a series of head punches. In the seventh Wanheng landed a straight right that set Taduran back on his heels but soon he was pumping out the punches again. Taduran’s attacks slowed in the eighth and he also lost a point for a low punch as Wanheng was able to box on the outside for a change. After eight the scores were 78-74 twice for Wanheng and 79-74. Taduran had never been in a fight which went past the eighth round so this was new territory for him. He was just swinging wildly now and Wanheng nailed him with straight rights in the ninth. Wanheng took the tenth with those rights constantly getting though and it looked as though he was finally breaking down the resistance of the young Filipino. Taduran put in a big effort in the eleventh but lost another point for a low punch. Wanheng wrapped things up in the last with piercing jabs and searing combinations with Taduran ploughing forward throwing punches to the end. Scores 118-110, 117-110 and 115-112. Wanheng gets win No 51but he had to fight hard all the way in an entertaining fight. He now has one more win than Floyd Mayweather Jr but that only becomes significant if he now retires or has some more fights and wins them all. The aim is to have the highest 100% record in a career and if he boxes on and draws or loses a fight then Mayweather remains the record holder. The 21-year-old Taduran, the Philippines champion, proved a real handful and his all-out attacking style made for an action filled fight.


August 31


Junin, Argentina: Cruiser: Marco Ahumada (19-6) W KO 5 Pablo Farias (30-4). Light: Carlos Cordoba (10-3) W PTS 10 German Benitez (20-3).

Ahumada vs. Farias

On a night of upsets in Argentinian boxing Ahumada floors and halts Farias to win the vacant WBC Latino title. Ahumada’s nickname is “El Flaco” which is an indication the he is tall for the weight and slim. Here he had lots of height and reach over the crude but strong Farias. Ahumada was able to land heavy counters on the on-rushing Farias from the start. Farias was down in the first from a southpaw straight left but got up and continued to plunge forward. He was getting through with some heavy thumps but in the fourth a left to the head from Ahumada clipped Farias on the temple and sent him back into the ropes and down. Ahumada ended it in the fifth. A left uppercut again had Farias reeling into the ropes and he went down under a barrage of punches and the fight was over. The 31-year-old Ahumada was 3-3 in his last 6 fights and only No 6 in the Argentinian ratings but gets win No 14 by KO/TKO. Farias, 30, the Argentinian champion, had won 11 of his last 12 fights but the 5’9” Farias is too small to carry the extra 30lbs he has put on since turning pro.

Cordoba vs. Benitez

Another upset here as Cordoba beats favoured Benitez to win the vacant WBO Latino title. This was a tough hard-fought contest. Benitez was taller but Cordoba was walking though Benitez’s punches and launching ferocious attacks. Both fighters were staggered at times as they traded punches. Cordoba’s sheer aggression helped him build a substantial lead but he nearly came unstuck over the last two rounds. He was put on the floor by a lovely left hook from Benitez and then lost a point in the last round for low punches but he just held on to his lead. Scores 95-93 twice and 96-94. Cordoba was on a good run being 6-0,1ND going into the fight but whereas Benitez was No 2 super light Cordoba was unrated. Benitez was 16-0 at one time so is now 4-3 in his last seven fights.


Quilmes, Argentina: Light Heavy: Cesar Reynoso (15-11-4) W PTS 12 Isidro Prieto (27-3-3).  Upset No 3 as Reynosa wins the vacant South American title with split decision over Prieto. There is a story behind this one. It looked as though it could be over in the first round when a stunning left cross from Prieto dumped Reynosa on the canvas. Reynosa made it to his feet and to the bell. By the fourth round it was a different fight. Prieto had aggravated a previous injury to his right shoulder and was virtually fighting one-handed.  That gave the initiative to Reynosa who was able to plough forward without facing too much danger. Prieto did use the right occasionally but when he did the pain registered so he mainly stuck to his jab which was just not enough and Reynosa was a clear winner despite the split decision. Scores 116-111 and 115-112 for Reynosa and 116-111 for Prieto. Reynoso “The Savage” was 0-4-1in recent action at the start of this fight and No 5 in the Argentinian ratings. Argentinian-based Paraguayan Prieto, 32, was 24-0-3 before losing on points to Eleider Alvarez for the WBC Silver title in 2015. His only other loss was a one round stoppage by  Artur Beterbiev in December 2016.


Melbourne, Australia: Super Welter: Michael Zerafa (25-2) W TKO 3 Jose Feria (23-7-1). Cruiser: Blake Caparello (28-3-1) W TKO 3 Lance Bryant (12-4).

Zerafa vs. Feria

No problems for “Pretty Boy” Zerafa here as he stops Colombian Feria in three rounds. The tall 26-year-old Commonwealth champion from Melbourne makes it eight wins in a row and 14 by KO/TKO. His two losses came against then unbeaten Arif Magomedov in Russia and a particularly brutal kayo by Peter Quillin at the Foxwoods Resort in 2015.Zerafa, the WBA No 15, was making the first defence of his WBA Oceania title here. Seventh loss by KO/TKO for Feria.

Caparello vs. Bryant

“Il Capo” Caparello moves up to try his luck at cruiser and is much too good for inexperienced New Zealander Bryant stopping him in the third round. All of Caparello’s loses have come in his big fights against Sergey Kovalev for the WBO light heavyweight title, Andre Dirrell and in March this year against Isaac Chilemba. He is rated WBC 11 and WBO 12 both at light heavy .New Zealand champion Bryant had been on a run of eight wins in a row.


Barranquilla, Colombia: Fly: Jose Soto (9-0) W PTS 10 Pablo Carrillo (23-7-1).

Soto outpoints more experienced Carrillo which leads to disgraceful scenes and a near riot. The fight was supposed to be for the WBO Latino title but Soto was 1.4lbs over the limit. Soto made an impressive start flooring Carrillo in the second round but Carrillo boxed his way out of trouble. After that it was close all the way. Soto, the taller boxer made good use of his longer reach but although Carrillo was giving away 5” in height he was quick and aggressive. There were extended exchanges in every round with Soto scoring well with the right that had put Carrillo down in the second and Carrillo firing wicked hooks to the body. The rounds were close, the fight was close and the decision was a narrow one for Soto on scores of 96-93 and 95-94 for him and 96-93 for Carrillo. The 20-year-old Soto was having his second tough test in less than five weeks which is rushing the youngster. Fellow-Colombian Carrillo had won 7 of his last 9 fights. Carrillo was raging at the decision and went over to Soto’s corner and some pushing and shoving escalated to something worse with one of Carrillo’s team punching the promoter. The trouble continued in the dressing rooms with the police having to intervene. Carrillo announced he was retiring due to the “corruption” in boxing.


West Palm Beach, FL, USA: Bantam: Melvin Lopez (16-0) W PTS 10 Jose Cardenas (16-3). Feather: Ruben Garcia (24-3-1) W PTS 10 Jose Estrella (20-13-1). Cruiser: Tyrone Spong (12-0) W KO 1 Santander Silgado (28-6). Light Heavy: Manuel Ceballos (16-1) W PTS 10 Victor Fonseca (16-9-1). Super Welter: Juan Carlos Rubio (13-0) W TKO 2 Ulises Jimenez (23-23-1).

Lopez vs. Cardenas

Miami-based Nicaraguan gets ten rounds of useful work from young Mexican Cardenas. Lopez forced the fight all the way getting past the taller man’s jab to work inside with short punches. Cardenas was finding too many gaps for his straight lefts but luckily he is not a puncher so Lopez was able to keep marching forward and dictating the pace of the fight. Cardenas did enough to stay competitive and set some problems for Lopez but was a clear loser. Scores 98-92, 97-93 and 96-94 for Lopez. The 20-year-old adds the vacant WBA-NABA title to the WBC Youth that he already holds. Cardenas, 21, had won his last six fights but against low level opposition,

Garcia vs. Estrella

Garcia gets split decision over fellow-Mexican Estrella. Garcia outworked Estrella  who fought much of the fight on the back foot or with his back to the ropes. Garcia’s swarming attacks looked to have him cruising to victory but in the ninth he got his legs twisted up at the same time as Estrella landed a right and he went down. He was not badly hurt but it gave Estrella some impetus, Garcia looked to have won well but the judges came up with some widely different cards. Score 96-93 and 95-93 for Garcia and 98-91 for Estrella. Garcia collects the vacant WBC Latino title. With two wins this year Garcia from Cancun is 9-2 in his last 11 fights. The losses have been against Randy Caballero and Nonito Donaire. Tijuana’s Estrella was 4-3 before this fight. He had a couple of useful wins whilst losing to three unbeaten prospects.

Spong vs. Silgado

Another power show from Spong as he flattens Silgado . Spong was tracking the taller Silgado around the ring with Silgado eventually pinned up against the ropes. Silgado tried a couple of weak jabs but Spong backed him into a corner and landed a thunderous right cross that sent Silgado down and out cold. The 32-year-old from Surinam has won all twelve of his fights by KO/TKO but against very ordinary opposition. He retains his WBC Latino title. Colombian Silgado is way over the hill and this is his third first round loss in his last four fights.

Ceballos vs. Fonseca

Fonseca wins on points in contest with a real contrast of size and styles between two Mexicans. The 5’7” (170cm) Fonseca was like a bull rumbling forward throwing wide hooks with 6’3” (191cm) Ceballos trying to use his jab and box. At times the attacks of Fonseca looked close to overwhelming Ceballos as he pinned him to the ropes and scored with bludgeoning hooks inside. Fortunately for Ceballos Fonseca was too busy attacking to pay any attention to defence so Ceballos was able to score with heavy punches of his own. Eventually Fonseca’s pressure abated a little but he staged a strong finish and came away with the split decision. After losing five in a row Fonseca had won his last seven all by KO/TKO so he continues his good form. Ceballos had won eleven in a row.

Rubio vs. Jimenez

Rubio halts veteran Jimenez. The young Mexican was just too quick and too accurate for Jimenez. He was slotting home his southpaw jabs and scoring with straight lefts. Jimenez is very shop worn but he forced Rubio back at times. In the second Rubio was landing regularly and rocked Jimenez with a couple of straight lefts. When he landed another one Jimenez backed to the ropes and turned away pawing at a severe cut over his left eye opened by the punch and the fight was stopped. Sixth win by KO/TKO for the 20-year-old Rubio. He is a neat, quick boxer with a good punch. The 35-year-old Jimenez has been fighting for 18 years and it is showing. He has lost 8 of his last 10 fights.


Harare, Zimbabwe: Cruiser: Chamunorwa Gonorenda (12-12) W PTS 10 Tony Salam (11-2). Light: Phillip Musariri (2-1-1) TEC DRAW 8 Peter Pambeni (11-3-2). Middle: Lukas Ndafoluma (13-1) W RTD 4 Hussein Itaba (4-2-2).

Gonorenda vs. Salam

Gonorenda retains the WBFederation African title with controversial split decision over Nigerian Salam in an all-southpaw contest. Gonorenda was taller with the longer reach and Salam was content to box on the back foot draw the jab and counter. Gonorenda was waiting too long to let his punches go and Salam was also taking advantage of that with quick in and out attacks. Gonorenda took the third round when he managed to trap Salam in a corner and unloaded punches to head and body and they both had good spells in the fourth and fifth. Gonorenda continued to press the fight over the sixth seeming to stagger Salam with a right but he still was waiting too long and Salam was countering well and took the round with a fierce attack that had Gonorenda in trouble. Gonorenda came back strongly in the seventh and as Salam’s work rate dropped in the eighth Gonorenda was on top and scoring with some clubbing shots and Salam was now cut over his left eye. Salam boxed his way through the ninth using good footwork and plenty of jabs and took the round. Gonorenda pressed hard in the last and in a controversial moment that decided the result the referee deducted a point from Salam for holding and wrestling Gonorenda over the ropes. With Gonorenda doing enough to win the round it effectively became a 10-8 round. Scores 95-94 twice for Gonorenda and 96-93 for Salam. The 34-year-old Gonorenda gets his fifth win in a row. Salam, a UK-based Nigerian only returned to the ring in September last year after seven years of inactivity. His early work in this seemed good enough to get him at least a draw but that point deduction and a strong last round from Gonorenda went against him. A tearful Salam and his team protested long and strong about the decision and it looks as though these two will meet again on 26 October in Nigeria.

Musariri vs. Pambeni

The Zimbabwean title remains vacant after the fight between Musariri and Pambeni was declared a technical draw. Musariri tried to overwhelm the more experienced Pambeni with a torrent of punches. The down side was that Musariri had no idea of how to punch correctly and was flapping and slapping with his punches. Despite that the sheer volume kept Pambeni on the defensive. Pambeni constantly switched guard and showed some nice defensive moves. Pambeni began to tire and was cut over his right eye in a clash of heads in the fifth. Pambeni began to take over with Musariri having expended too much energy over the earlier rounds. It looked as though Pambeni was going to stop Musariri but before the start of the ninth the fight was stopped probably due to Musariri’s cut and it was announced that the fight was scored a technical draw but no scores were given so confusion reigned with the commentators seeing Pambeni a clear winner. There was plenty of honest endeavour in this one but very little skill but it is early days in the rebirth of boxing in Zimbabwe.

Ndafoluma vs. Itaba

Man against boy this one as Namibian Ndafoluma is several levels above Tanzanian novice Itaba in ability and fitness. As might be expected with so few fights Itaba has only the most basic technique and Ndafoluma was able to score with jabs and solid hooks to the body. Itaba took his punishment and kept fighting. He slapped with his punches but seemed to hurt Ndafoluma briefly in the second. By the third he could hardly keep his arms up. As the bell rang to start the fourth Itaba remained sitting on his stool complaining of an injury to his left shoulder. Itaba’s second and the referee were trying to talk him into continuing. A minute passed with no bell for the next round with Ndafoluma waiting in his corner to see what was going to happen. The doctor then entered the ring and unbelievably actually spayed something on Itaba’s left shoulder but that did no good and after the interval had lasted more than two minutes it was finally decided that Itaba was not going to continue and Ndafoluma was declared the winner.”The Demolisher” Ndafoluma retains the WBFederation African title. He is a high quality fighter with wins over South African Barend van Rooyen and in Manchester over 19-1 Craig Cunningham so poor Itaba showed guts but was in way over his head.  It was astonishing to see the doctor use a spray on Itaba’s should. The doctor is there to assess not treat!


September 1


Kempton Park, South Africa; Cruiser: Thomas Oosthuizen (28-1-2) W PTS 12 Thabiso Mchunu (19-5). Super Middle: Ryno Liebenberg (19-6) W TKO 5 Alfonso Tissen (11-3-2). Light: Michael Mokoena (13-2) W KO 4 Lusanda Komanisi (21-5).

Oosthuizen vs.  Mchunu

Oosthuizen breathes new life into his career with hard won decision over fellow southpaw and former WBO title challenger Mchunu. With the 6’4” (193cm) Oosthuizen having such big edges in height and reach over the 5’11” (180cm) Mchunu the respective tactics were predictable. What wasn’t predictable was how Oosthuizen would react with so many personal problems in the past and out of the ring for almost 16 months. In the end Oosthuizen answered the questions with an intelligent and courageous display. He used his long right jab to score at distance and at the start Mchunu had difficulty in getting close often enough to get the power he usually gets behind his punches. Despite this Mchunu was able to test Oosthuizen’s chin with some hard lefts particularly when he could trap Oosthuizen on the ropes but Oosthuizen’s response was to step forward and land some shots of his own. Mchunu was taking the fight to Oosthuizen and that aggression and some clubbing lefts kept the fight close. It was in an open fast-paced entertaining fight with plenty of exchanges. After four rounds the scores were 40-36 and 39-37 for Oosthuizen and 38-38 and after eight it was even closer at 77-75 twice for Oosthuizen and 76-76. Obviously with his long lay-off it was expected that Oosthuizen might fade over the closing rounds but he did not and he deservedly took the majority decision and the vacant ABU title. Scores 115-113 twice for Oosthuizen and 114-114. Now 30, the former IBO super middle and light heavy champion Oosthuizen hopefully has conquered his demons and if so then there are plenty of good fight out there for him. An obvious choice would be Kevin Lerena as the South Africa is IBO champion and apart from it being a great domestic match it would give Oosthuizen the chance to win a title in a third division. After losing to Oleg Usyk for the WBO title in 2016 Mchunu scored a win over Johnny Muller for the South African  in June 2017 but then lost to Constantin Bejenaru in November. That loss cost Mchunu his place in the ratings but he is a quality fighter and this fight was close enough for him to know he is still a world class fighter.

Liebenberg vs. Tissen

Liebenberg stops Tissen in five rounds in a hard-fought domestic battle for the vacant ABU title. With Liebenberg’s superior experience and strength it was expected that Tissen would try to box his way to victory but instead he choose to meet Liebenberg head-on. Tissen had some success as theses two banged away at each other. Tissen sought to take Liebenberg to the ropes and work on him inside. That proved a bad tactic. Certainly Tissen was able to score inside but his punches lacked power. Liebenberg’s defensive work was better and his hooks and uppercuts were constantly landing as Tissen was leaving himself too open. Tissen was still trading punches in the fifth but was fading fast. A huge right had him in deep trouble and Liebenberg drove him to the ropes and was unloading some heavy punches when the referee stopped the fight. There were questions over where Liebenberg’s career was going after a 1-4 run but it was his very controversial loss to WBA No 2 Vincent Feigenbutz in February that has revived his hopes. That was a fight which he was winning clearly until he suffered a bad cut and it is a performance he can build on with this as a first step. Tissen gambled with his tactics here and it did not come off. He has spent most of his time fighting at middleweight and just did not have the power to match Liebenberg.

Mokoena vs. Komanisi

Southpaw Mokoena upset the odds here with a kayo of favoured Komanisi. Former undefeated IBO featherweight champion Komanisi looked on his way to an expected win when he dropped Mokoena in the first. A right to the head had Mokoena floundering and another right floored him. He made it to his feet and survived to the bell. Undismayed Mokoena was taking the fight to Komanisi. The early knockdown may have made Komanisi overconfident and he was boxing casually with his hands down when he lunged at Mokoena on the ropes. Mokoena dodged the attack and hammed home a huge right to the head and added a left but by then Komanisi was already on his way down and out. Huge win for Mokoena who had lost a split decision to George Ashie in April. Komanisi had won nine in a row, eight by KO/TKO before losing to Filipino Jack Tepora in September with Tepora going on to win the interim WBA feather title in July.


Indio, CA. USA: Super Feather: Ryan Garcia (16-0) W PTS 10 Carlos Morales (17-3-3). Welter: Patrick Teixeira (29-1) W PTS 8 Nathaniel Gallimore (20-3-1). Super Welter: Neeco Macias (17-0) W RTD 6 Marvin Cabrera (8-1).

Garcia vs. Morales

Garcia goes on his winning way but this was a very tough test for him. Garcia made a confident start scoring early with a classy straight right left hook combination. Morales was looking to take Garcia out of his stride with quick fierce attacks. Garcia was quicker and more accurate over the second and third with a clash of heads opening a cut on the bridge of Morales nose. Garcia scored with some excellent shots in the fourth and was countering with quick left hooks as Morales rushed in. Garcia captured the fifth and sixth slotting home jabs and being quicker to the punch. Although Garcia rocked Morales with a shot early in the seventh it was evident he did not have the power to hurt Morales. From the seventh Morales was managing to get inside and rough Garcia up with Garcia not looking as composed as before. Morales upped his pace and staggered Garcia with a strong jab and Garcia was scrambling at times to avoid the fierce attacks of Morales who looked to have taken the seventh and eighth. Both fighters were tired in the ninth and Garcia had a better round finding his jab again but Morales appeared stronger and it was a close round that could have been scored to either fighter. Garcia took the tenth by sticking his jab into the face of Morales, scoring with quick rights and smothering Morales inside and he was a clear winner. Scores 98-92 twice for Garcia and 95-95. The first two scores looked unkind to the effort Morales put in and the last too generous. Following his points victory over Jayson Velez in May this is the second time in a row that Garcia has gone ten rounds against challenging opposition and won. At 20 he is still growing and developing and he tired late in this one but came out with a very good win. Mexican Morales was 0-1-3 in his first five fights but then put together a run of 16 wins before losing on points to the explosive punching WBA champion Alberto Machado so he was a very live opponent for Garcia.

Teixeira vs. Gallimore

Brazilian Teixeira outboxes Jamaican Gallimore. Southpaw Teixeira was just that bit quicker with his hands. Gallimore came forward for much of the fight but Teixeira was using a prodding jab to put Gallimore off his stride and then leaping in with a bunch of quick punches and out again before Gallimore could counter. He seemed to rock Gallimore with a straight left in both the second and the third but in the fourth a clash of heads saw Teixeira cut over his left eye. Teixeira was throwing more and landing more. He dominated the fifth and sixth with Gallimore having to cover up from a barrage of punches. Gallimore had some success with straight rights and the occasional left hooks but was too slow to achieve more. Teixeira continued to outbox him in the seventh but Gallimore was fired up in the last and landed some good rights doing enough to take the round. Scores 78-74 for Teixeira from all three judges. When the 27-year-old Brazilian won his first 26 fights he looked on his way to a title shot but a third round kayo by Curtis Stevens in 2016 blasted those hopes. Teixeira was then inactive for 14 months and has now scored three wins since returning in July last year. Gallimore looked very impressive in beating Jeison Rosales and Justin DeLoach but a majority decision loss in April to Justin Williams derailed him and he looked flat in this fight.

Macias vs. Cabrera

Macias halts unbeaten Cabrera. Macias came out punching and never seemed to stop. He was taking the fight to Cabrera hustling him and pumping out punches. He was going for quantity rather than power but Cabrera found himself constantly punned to the ropes with no space to do much scoring of his own. Macias actually ran out of his corner for every round and there was nothing Cabrera could do to get any space. He was blocking most of the punches from Macias but a lot of hooks and uppercuts were getting though and the sheer pressure gradually wore Cabrera down. By the end of the sixth Cabrera was taking a pounding with no strength to fight back and he retired at the end of the round. The 27-year-old “Rooster” Macias just fights a war of attrition for three minutes of every round. It has worked so far but it will be risky against a good fighter with a hard punch. Cabrera was never allowed a toe hold in the fight but will meet few fighters like Macias.


Tijuana, Mexico: Super Bantam: Cesar Juarez (23-6) W PTS 10 Jorge Sanchez (18-4). Bantam: Jose Quirino (20-2-2) W PTS 8 Israel Picazo (11-4).

Juarez vs. Sanchez

Law graduate Juarez keeps his hopes of a title fight alive with wide unanimous decision over Panamanian Sanchez. Whilst not at his best Juarez was still able to boss this fight from the start. He had Sanchez in trouble a few times but Sanchez always weathered the storm and fought back hard enough to take a round or two but was never a threat. Scores 100-90, 99-91 and 98-92. Juarez lost to Nonito Donaire for the vacant WBO title in 2015 and was stopped in five rounds by Isaac Dogboe for the interim WBO title in January. This is his third win since then and as he is rated IBF 6(5)/WBA 7/WBO 8/WBC 11 he could land a title shot next year if he keeps winning. It has been a bumpy road for “The Buffalo” Sanchez. He suffered consecutive losses against Gavin McDonnell and Franklin Manzanilla in 2016, outpointed the 20-0-1 Bryan De Gracia in May 2017 but suffered an upset inside the distance loss to Edixon Perez in December.

Quirino vs. Picazo

Quirino just scrapes past prelim fighter Picazo over eight rounds. This one was close. Quirino was on the front foot forcing the action for much of the fight but Picazo boxed cleverly on the back foot and scored continually with sharp counters. He looked to be worth at least a draw but the verdict went to 22-year-old Tijuana southpaw Quirino. Scores 76-75 for Quirino on all three cards. He is now 14-0-1 in his last 15 fights including a draw and a win against former WBA flyweight champion Hernan Marquez. Picazo really just a four and six round fighter who was 2-2 before this fight so performed well above expectations.


Ciudad Obregon, Mexico: Super Fly: Pedro Guevara (32-3-1) W RTD 10 Roberto Sanchez (17-2). Feather: Eduardo Nunez (11-1) W KO 1 Jose Vega Ochoa (11-1).Bantam: Karim Arce (14-0-1) W PTS 8 Alex Munoz (40-8). Super Light: Lindolfo Delgado (6-0) W KO 5 Ricardo Rico (4-6).

Guevara vs. Sanchez

Guevara overcomes a poor start to beat Sanchez and win the vacant WBC Fecarbox title. In the first Guevara suddenly found himself facing a southpaw which was not supposed to be Sanchez’s style. That threw Guevara and with an aggressive Sanchez forcing the fight Guevara lost the first round. He was adjusting in the second when a clash of heads opened a cut over his right eye. The referee had the doctor inspect the cut but he gave clearance for the fight to continue and the referee deducted a point from Sanchez. From there although Sanchez kept walking in Guevara was using good footwork to change angles and digging hooks to the body. For round after round Sanchez tried to take the fight to Guevara but he had to soak up some fierce punishment and gradually his work rate dropped. Despite that and a nose constantly dripping blood Sanchez never stopped wading forward  until at the end of the tenth he seemed to have nothing left and Guevara unleashed a storm of hooks just before the bell with Sanchez retiring in his corner. The former WBC light flyweight champion is owed another title fight. He lost his title on a split decision against Yu Kimura then scored some good wins which resulted in a chance at the WBC title against Ken Shiro which he lost on a majority verdict. He is No 2 with the WBC so hopefully will get that title chance next year. Sanchez had won twelve in a row coming into this one but against opposition a world away from Guevara’s quality.

Nunez vs. Ochoa

Nunez obliterates Ochoa in a wild first round. Nunez came out firing punches with Ochoa forced onto the back foot. Nunez hounded Ochoa as they just let fly with both hands with no sign of defence. Ochoa just could not get his back off the ropes. A left hook shook him and then a thundering right cross put him down and out cold and he was down for an extended period whilst being attended by the doctor and paramedics. Nunez, 21, wins the vacant interim WBC Youth title. All of his wins have come by KO/TKO but less impressively he was outpointed in June by 6-2-2 Hiram Gallardo. After losing his first fight Ochoa had won eleven in a row but was never given a chance here by the explosive start by Nunez.

Arce vs. Munoz

Teenager Arce gets a big scalp as he outpoints former WBA super fly champion Munoz. Arce had Munoz on the floor in the first but it was partially due to a slip an in part to a punch to the back of the head so no count and a warning for Arce. The Mexican boxed intelligently on the back foot using his longer reach to work his jab but Munoz is a big puncher so caution was required. As his confidence grew Arce was standing and trading more and getting the better of the exchanges. In the third he stunned Munoz with a couple of left hooks and then landed a right to the head that had Munoz staggering back to the ropes and dropping to sit on the bottom rope. He was up at nine and Arce was one good punch away from a stoppage. However Munoz punched back and staggered Arce before another right had Munoz in trouble at the bell. It had been a great round and from there the fight was a tough, gruelling battle with both fighters landing and taking some heavy hits but with Arce’s speed giving him a slight edge and two very tired boxer received a standing ovation at the end. Scores 77-74 from all three judges for Arce. Easily the hardest test yet for the unbeaten 19-year-old Arce who had his famous uncle Jorge in his corner. Although 39 “Explosivo” Munoz showed he still had plenty left. His future could be just as a stepping stone for younger fighters but with a guy who won 23 of his first 25 fights by KO/TKO there is always a risk.

Delgado vs. Rico

Former high level amateur Delgado goes to six wins all by KO/TKO. A right to the chin resulted in a broken jaw for poor Rico. The 23-yeaer-old from Monterrey won silver medals at the Pan American Games and the Central American and Caribbean Games and competed at the 2016 Olympics. Rico out of his depth.


Buenos Aires, Argentina: Fly: Agustin Gauto (9-0) W KO 3 Luis Golindano (12-1). Light: Luis Rueda (18-1) W KO 2 Carlos Vasquez (6-4).

Gauto vs. Golindano

Gauto has no trouble holding on to his South American title as he blows away Venezuelan Golindano. Gauto put Golindano down in the first with a wicked left to the body. Golindano survived that knock down and some more heavy punishment in the second. Gauto ended it in the third with a left to the temple which saw Golindano drop to his knees and be counted out. The 20-year-old Gauto looked very impressive in registering his fifth win by KO/TKO. The aim is a unification fight with Argentinian champion Juan Jose Jurado. Golindano’s record typical of some current Venezuelan fighters with his twelve victims having only seven wins between them.

Rueda vs. Vasquez

Rueda much too good for Acosta in an all-Argentinian all-southpaw contest. Rueda raked Vasquez to head and body in the first. In the second a straight right to the head unhinged Vasquez legs and the referee stepped in. He gave Vazquez the eight count but took a hard look at Vazquez and waived the fight off. Rueda has some rebuilding to do after losing his unbeaten tag in March against 10-6-1 Miguel Acosta. Now three losses in a row for Vasquez.


Tokyo, Japan: Bantam: Yuta Saito (11-9-3) W TKO 2 Elta Kikuchi (21-6-4). Super Welter: Charles Bellamy (28-3-2) W PTS 8 Yuto Shimizu (12-4-2). Super Feather: Reiya Abe (18-2) W TKO 2 Masashi Noguchi (12-11-1).

Saito vs. Kikuchi

Saito wins the vacant Japanese title with stoppage of Kikuchi in a clash of modest level domestic fighters. Although smaller Saito quickly had his own jab working and landed some hard rights. They traded some hard punches in close quarters. Saito overwhelmed Kikuchi in the second. He landed a series of hooks, uppercuts and overhand rights and although Kikuchi fired back he was driven to the ropes. Saito then just keep pumping out pinches and although a gutsy Kikuchi managed to get off the ropes Saito followed him still sending punches crashing on to Kikuchi’s head and body and the referee jumped in to save Kikuchi. Saito was having his second shot at a national title and had lost his last two fights. Former OPBF challenger Kikuchi had won 7 of his last 8 fights.

Bellamy vs. Shimizu

Veteran Bellamy Makes one of his rare appearances and gets a split decision over Shimizu. Bellamy had to press the taller Shimizu hard. He was throwing dangerous overhand rights and scoring well with right hooks. Shimizu did most of his scoring with a stabbing jab and straight rights. He was badly rocked by a right cross on one occasion but other than that stayed out of serious trouble. It was a close fight with Bellamy’s power punches just giving him the edge. Scores 77-76 twice for Bellamy and 77-76 for Shimizu. New York-born 37-year-old “Charlie Ota” is a former Japanese and OPBF champion. After an early loss he went 18-0-1before suffering back-to-back losses to Jermell Charlo and Yuki Nonaka in 2014. Since then it has been just one fight each in years 2015,2016 and 2017 but an encouraging two this year. Former Japanese title challenger Shimizu has a similar story with just one fight in 2016 and one in 2017

Abe vs. Noguchi

Southpaw Abe floors and halts Noguchi. Abe was the one pressing the fight and he scored well to the body. He floored Noguchi with a straight left in the fifth and then as he pounded on Noguchi in the sixth the referee halted the fight. Ten wins in a row for Japanese No 1 feather and his ninth win by KO/TKO. Six losses on the bounce for Noguchi.


San Juan, Puerto Rico: Feather: Luis Lebron (13-0-1) W RTD 8 Darryl Hayes (6-12). Super Fly: Jeyvier Cintron (8-0) W PTS 10 Alonso Melendez (15-2).

Lebron vs. Hayes

Lebron stops late substitute Hayes and retains the WBO Latino title.”Popeye” Lebron dominated the fight but found Hayes a slippery target. As Hayes tired Lebron shook him a few times and by the sixth Hayes was exhausted and was showing a swelling under his left eye. Before the start of the seventh the referee checked that Hayes was aware it was a ten round fight and that he wanted to continue. Hayes said he did but after more punishment in the eighth after the bell went to start the ninth the referee took Hayes over to be examined by the doctor and he ruled the fight should be stopped. Second defence of the WBO Latino title for 25-year-old Lebron and now six wins by KO/TKO. Texan Hayes is now 1-7 in his last 8 fights.

Cintron vs. Melendez

Hot prospect Cintron too quick and too clever for Melendez. Cintron had Melendez bleeding heavily from the nose from the opening round. That nose injury bothered  Melendez all the way. Cintron used fast combinations to outscore Melendez in every round. The Mexican just could not deal with the fast hands and accuracy of Cintron’s attacks. Before that start of the sixth round the referee asked the doctor to inspect Melendez injured nose but the fight continued and Cintron won every round. Scores 100-90 on the three cards for Cintron. The, 23-year-old Cintron is the only Puerto Rican boxer to compete at two Olympic Games> He was moving up to ten rounds for the first time and wins the vacant WBO Latino title. Melendez was 4-1 in his last 5 fights.


Prattein, Switzerland: Heavy: Arnold Gjergjaj (31-2) W KO 2 Gogita Gorgiladze (39-27).

Kosovon-born but now a Swiss citizen Gjergjaj has no trouble disposing of soft chinned Georgian Gorgiladze. Gjergjaj towered over the Georgian and just used a long, prodding jab to keep Gorgiladze out in the first round. In the second after measuring Gorgiladze with his jab Gjergjaj landed a right to the head that put Gorgiladze down. He beat the count but as he lunged into an attack a right the head shook him and a second dropped him to his knees and he was counted out. First fight for Gjergjaj since his kayo loss against Sean Turner in December. He has 23 wins by KO/TKO but seems to have a limited future. Now 12 losses by KO/TKO for Gorgiladze.


Doncaster, England: Luke Crowcroft (11-3) W TKO 5 Cello Renda (29-13-2).

Crowcroft halts experienced Renda and ends his career. Renda was taking the fight to Crowcroft in the first when he walked onto a lovely left hook which put him down. He only just beat the count and looked unsteady. He survived and fought back hard but never quite recovered. By the fifth Crowcroft was on top and landing punishing hooks and uppercuts with Renda staggering and cut over his right eye. A few more crunching hooks saw the referee stop the fight. Career best win for Doncaster’s Crowcroft and his fourth win by KO/TKO. Renda, 33, has provided plenty of entertainment in his fights. He won the BBB of C Southern Area title in September but has decided to retire.


Pathum Thani, Thailand: Light Heavy: Sirimongkol (96-4) W KO 2 Muhammad Nsubuga (0-7-1). Rubbish matching gets 41-year-old former WBC bantam and super feather champion Sirimongkol through his 100th fight and his 61st win by KO.TKO. He wins the vacant Thai title. Poor Ugandan Nsubuga is 0-7-1 with all 7 losses by KO/TKO


Fight of the week (Entertainment): Karim Arce vs. Alex Munoz with honourable mention to Wanheng vs. Pedro Taduran

Fight of the Week (Significance): Wanheng vs. Taduran which moves Wanheng to 51 wins

Fighter of the week: Thomas Oosthuizen as he gets a good win and hopefully puts his troubles behind him

Punch of the week:  Right cross from Eduardo Nunez that flattened Jose Vega Ochoa and right from Tyrone Spong that saw Santander Silgado face down on the canvas with honourable mention to the right from Michael Mokena that beat Lusanda Komanisi

Upset of the week: Michael Mokena’s win over Lusanda Komanisi

One to watch: Karim Arce and new South African flyweight champion Agustin Gauto looked good

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