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Weekly boxing results round up: September 30

Complete boxing results from across the world this week, by Eric Armit
Deontay Wilder
Wilder  |  Lucas Noonan/PBC

Weekly Results September 30 2015

24 September

Moscow, Russia: Cruiser: Rakhim Chakhkiev (24-1) W PTS 8 Hamilton Ventura (14-2-1). Chakhkiev comes off the floor to get unimpressive unanimous decision over modest Brazilian. Over the first two rounds Chakhkiev was trying to walk down the taller Hamilton but he was crude, usually employing long lunging southpaw lefts with Ventura slow and boxing by numbers. His long jab whilst lacking power had nuisance value as Chakhkiev did not seem to be able to get past it. In the third Ventura pawed with the jab but then sent a straight right down the pipe and a surprised Chakhkiev was knocked on his butt. He was up quickly but for the rest of that round and much of the fourth it was Ventura coming forward and looking to get home with another right. Chakhkiev was unsettled and cut but then slammed home a left hook that dumped Ventura into the ropes and down with just one second left in that fourth round. The Brazilian survived and although Chakhkiev edged the sixth and seventh just before the bell at the end of the eighth Ventura landed a right to the chest and again Chakhkiev went down. The referee had sent Ventura to a neutral corner and was about to start a count but Chakhkiev leapt up and waived his arms to indicate he slipped and the referee fell for it and Ventura lost the benefit of a genuine knockdown. Scores 77-73, 77-74 and 76-75. The 32-year-old Russian gets his eighth win since losing to Krzysztof Wlodarczyk for the WBC title in 2013. He is rated WBC 3/IBF 4 (2) WBA 11 but will have to do better than this if he is going to win a title. Ventura, 32, was slow and predictable and lasted less than one round against Yunier Dorticos last year and was having his first fight since last September so should not have been this tough.