Weekly Results 19 February 2016

February 9

Bethlehem, PA, USA: Light: Jamal Herring (15-0) W PTS 10 Luis E Flores (21-3). Welter: Alex Martin (12-0) W PTS 8 Rosemberg Gomez (17-5-1). Light Raynell Williams (11-0) W PTS 8 Gabriel Tolmajyan (14-5-2). Super Welter: Jamontay Clark (9-0) W TKO 2 Elvin Perez (28-13-4).

Herring vs. Flores

Herring impresses in his first main event as he easily outboxes Colombian Flores. Southpaw Herring never allowed Flores to get into the fight. The former US Marine was just too quick getting his punches off and moving out before Flores could counter. Flores was caught with some hard punches in the second and down twice in the fifth but both knockdowns were not clean with one seeming to arise out a tangling of legs and the second a punch/slip which saw his glove brush the canvas. However Herring upped the pace and shook Flores with body punches in the seventh and eighth with a stoppage looking possible but Flores kept coming and hung on to the final bell. Scores 100-88 twice and 99-89. The 30-year-old Herring was captain of the US Boxing Team at the 2012 Olympics and his amateur achievements include the US National title, the US Armed Forces Championship, and a place at the World Championships. Flores had won 8 of his last 9 fights but against low level local opposition in Colombia.

Martin vs. Gomez

Martin, another southpaw, and another former top amateur, extends his winning total with wide unanimous decision over Gomez. Martin was a couple of skill levels above Gomez. He was able to box on the outside over most rounds and found a home for sharp uppercuts and cracking hooks. Gomez kept trying and seemed to have Martin hurt with a left hook in the fourth but was too slow to turn that to his advantage. He tried to get Martin mad with some taunting but Martin stuck to his boxing and although he never looked like getting a win inside the schedule he was a comfortable winner. Scores 79-73 twice and 80-72 for Martin. The lanky 26-year-old from Illinois was US National champion and won a gold and two silver medals at the NGG’s but just failed to qualify for the final US Olympic trials. Nicaraguan Gomez, 29, is 1-3-1 in his last 5 fights and announced his retirement after this loss.

Williams vs. Tolmajyan

Williams gets the decision despite late scare. The southpaw from Cincinnati won without really impressing. He was winning the rounds but was at times making hard work of outboxing the slower and limited Tolmajyan. In the last round Williams lost his focus for a moment and was nailed by a straight left that had his legs wobbling badly but he held on to get the win. Scores 79-73 twice and 78-74 for Williams. The 27-year-old 2008 Olympian and WSB competitor has skill but seems to lack power. Armenian southpaw Tolmajyan, 29, the only southpaw loser on the night, has wins over Daulis Prescott and Jorge Maysonet but is now 0-3-1 in his last 4 fights.

Clark vs. Perez

Clark gets another win for Cincinnati and for southpaws as stops Perez. Clark banged home hard shots from both rounds. He rocked Perez in the first and forced the stoppage early in the second. The 6’2” (188cm) Clark has won his last three fights by KO/TKO. He is a former NGG silver medallist and represented the USA at the 2013 World Championships. Nicaraguan Perez gets his eighth loss by KO/TKO.


February 11

Tokyo, Japan: Super Light: Al Rivera (15-2) W TKO 7 Shinya Iwabuchi (26-5).

Filipino Rivera shocks the locals and wins the vacant OPBF title with stoppage of Iwabuchi in an all-southpaw contest. The unheralded Rivera led from the start. He was slotting home jabs and scoring with overhand lefts. He floored Iwabuchi twice with lefts and after four rounds was in front 40-34 on two cards and 39-35 on the other. Despite a cut on his right eyebrow Iwabuchi rallied briefly in the sixth but in the seventh a right jab and a left uppercut dropped Iwabuchi on his knees grasping the ropes and looking out into the crowd as the referee stopped the fight. The danger signs were there before the fight with the 22-year-old “Machine Gun” Rivera having won 12 of his fights by KO/TKO and had only one loss in his last 15 fights. Iwabuchi, 30, suffers only his second loss by KO/TKO but this is his third failure in challenges for the OPBF title.

February 12

Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand: Bantam: Pungluang (52-3) W TEC DEC 7 Jetro Pabustan (26-3-6).Super Fly: Kwanpichit (36-1-2) W KO 2 Petchngam (0-1).

Pungluang retains his WBO title with technical decision over Pabustan. No gentle opening here as both fighters were letting their hands go early. Pungluang was scoring with hooks on the inside and within the first minute staggered Pabustan with a straight right that set the challenger back on his heels. Pabustan then had a good spell where he landed some southpaw right hooks and a straight left and they traded at the bell. They went to war again in the second. Pungluang had the better of the early action leading with long rights and hooking inside. Pabustan showed some nice skills and made Pungluang pay for any mistakes. The first two rounds were close but Pungluang seemed to be the harder puncher. A clash of heads at the start of the third saw Pabustan cut over his left eye. The referee had the doctor examine it but it was not bad enough for the fight to be stopped. The cut galvanised both boxers and they traded freely with Pungluang again just getting the better of the exchanges twice scoring with hard rights to the head that snapped the Filipino’s head back. Pungluang dominated the fourth forcing Pabustan back and whipping in rights to the body and head. Pabustan was on the floor but only because Pungluang wrestled him there. Pabustan had a good fifth. He was determined not to let Pungluang force him back and he did the most effective work inside early in the round and slotted home some sharp combinations at the end. In the sixth there was another bad clash of heads but no damage was done. Pungluang was coming forward relentlessly and Pabustan was starting to tire. The Filipino’s work rate dropped in the seventh and Pungluang pressured him throughout the round scoring with thudding hooks and uppercuts. There was a momentary stop in the action as Pabustan also seemed to have suffered a cut on the back of the head. By the end of the round his left eye was a mess and it was obvious he could not continue and it went to the cards. Scores 70-63 from all three judges for Pungluang. First defence in his second spell as champion for the 27-year-old fighter from the Onesongchaigym team, and win No 35 by KO/TKO. He was just too strong for 26-year-ol Pabustan, the WBO No 4. The Filipino showed he belonged in there with fast hands and good defensive skills.

Kwanpichit vs. Petchngam

Too easy for Kwanpichit. Novice Petchngam had only had the most basic of technique, poor footwork, and little power and every time he threw a punch his head went up and back. Kwanpichit really just sparred his way through the first three minutes. At the start of the second a right to the ribs from Kwanpichit saw Petchngam slump to the floor in pain and he was counted out sitting on the canvas. After being undefeated in his first 29 fights Kwanpichit was widely outpointed by Zou Shiming for the WBO International title. This his ninth win in a row by KO/TKO since then. He is now No 1 with the WBO at flyweight but at 34, without any serious tests and giving away height and reach he would have no chance against Juan Francisco Estrada.

Brighton, England: Nicky Jenman (15-8-1) W PTS 10 Nathan Graham (17-8-1).Super Welter: Lloyd Ellett (20-1) W PTS 6 Andrej Moravek (2-6-1).

Jenman vs. Graham

Local southpaw Jenman wins the vacant BBBofC Southern Area title with victory over Graham. There were plenty of good exchanges in a hard fought scrap. Jenman just had the edge and had Graham rocking in the seventh but the visitor fought back hard over the last three rounds to try to turn the decision his way. Referee’s score 98-94. Now seven wins in a row for the 29-year-old scaffolder. “De Lick” Graham, 33, is a former Southern Area welter champion and he played his part in a good fight.

Ellett vs. Moravek

The Brighton “Lightning Bolt” Ellet continued his rebuilding with win over Slovakian. Ellet led all the way flooring Moravek with a left hook in the third and scored two more knockdowns before the final bell. Referee’s score 60-53. The lanky 28-year-old won his first 17 fights before losing to Ryan Toms in October and this is his second win since then. Moravek is 0-2 in his visits to the UK.

Ontario, CA, USA: Super Bantam: Daniel Roman (18-2-1) W TKO 5 Ramiro Robles (12-5-1).Heavy: LaRon Mitchell (11-0) W KO 1 Juan Dominguez (6-3).

Roman vs. Robles

Roman retains his WBA-NABA title with stoppage of Robles. Robles could not win the title as he failed to make the weight. Over the early rounds Roman was busier and more accurate but Robles scored with enough lefts to stay competitive. From the third despite a small cut on his right eyebrow Roman was totally in charge with his body punches shutting down any thoughts Robles had of offence. In the fifth a left hook to the body ended the fight. Robles went down in pain spitting out his mouthpiece and the referee waived the fight off without completing the count. Ten wins in a row but only the sixth win by KO/TKO for Roman who is rated No 14 by the WBA. Three losses in a row for the 23-year-old Mexican southpaw Robles, all to unbeaten fighters.

Mitchell vs. Dominguez

Mitchell gats a quick win. The former top amateur, a late starter in the pro ranks, handed out some punishment but it was a surprise when Dominguez went down and did not get up. The 35-year-old Mitchell won silver and bronze medals at the US National Championships. He beat Dominic Breazeale at the US Trials but lost to Lenroy Thompson later and did not get to London 2012. Instead he turned pro at the age of 32. Mexican Dominguez had won his two fights but ducked out here.


Lu Zhou, China: Super Bantam: Jun Qiu Xiao (20-2) W PTS 12 Ray Commey (13-3). Super Feather: Can Xu (8-2) W PTS 12 Isaias Santos Sampaio (26-12). Feather: Takafumi Nakajima (25-7-1) W PTS 10 Xian Qian Wei (9-6-1). Super Light: Bai Shan Bo (7-0-1) W TKO 1 Tackie Annan (6-3).

Xiao vs. Commey

Predictable win for Chinese fighter Xiao but after a good start he labours for his victory. Xiao had Commey down early and badly hurt in the fourth but then went off the boil. Commey did not have the power or the ability to be competitive but Xiao showed little fire himself as the fight just wandered to the end without any real excitement. Scores 118-109 from all three judges. “The Dragon” Xiao, 25, retains the WBA International title. He has 12 wins in a row and is rated No WBC 2/WBA 9/OPBF 2. Reportedly 20 million watched this fight in China and on that basis a title fight for Xiao looks a certainty. Ghanaian Commey had won his last 11 fights.

Xu vs. Sampiao

Xu wins the vacant WBA International title with unanimous verdict over Brazilian Sampiao. Scores 116-112 twice and 118-110 for the 21-year-old Kunming “Monster” who has won his last 4 fights. Sampiao, 29, wins in Brazil and usually fails to last the distance on his travels.

Nakajima vs. Wei

Nakajima scores one for the visitors as he proves too strong and too experienced for Wei. Nakajima kept Wei on the back foot and outworked his younger opponent on his way to the unanimous decision. Scores 98-92 twice and a too close 96-94 all for Nakajima. The 31-year-old OPBF No 12 wins the WBC ABC and WBC EPBC titles. He has lost twice in challenges for the Japanese title but was coming off a good level win over Filipino Denis Tubieron. Wei, 21, was somehow rated No 15 by the WBC which on the basis of his opposition is laughable-but then he is Chinese and China is a huge market.

Bo vs. Annan

Bo wins the vacant WBC Youth title with first round stopped of poor Ghanaian Annan. The Ghanaian was floored early and never recovered. Bo now has four wins by KO/TKO but again very low level opposition. Annan a disgraceful choice as an opponent as this was his first fight since September 2013 and although he had won his last 6 fights his victims had combined records of 1-35.

Managua, Nicaragua: Fly: Kevin Lara (18-1-1) W TKO 5 Alex Taylor (12-10-1).

Lara extends his unbeaten run with stoppage of fellow Nicaraguan Taylor. Both were firing hard punches in an exciting first round but in the second body shots from Lara had Taylor hurt but he still stood and traded. Lara’s body work weakened Taylor over the third and fourth and in the fifth more body punches sent Taylor to the canvas twice and the fight was stopped. The 21-year-old Lara, rated WBC8/WBA 11 gets his sixth win by KO/TKO and after going 0-1-1 in his first two fights has won 18 in a row. He had outpointed Taylor over six rounds in 2013. Taylor, 22, falls to 3-8 in his last 11 fights.

February 13


Studio City, CA, USA: Super Feather: Toka Kahn Clary (18-0,1ND) W TKO 6 Gabino Cota (18-6-1). Welter: Alex Saucedo (21-0) W PTS 8 Clarence Booth (13-2). Welter: Andy Vences (15-0) W PTS 8 Yardley Suarez (14-3). Light Heavy: Olek Gvozdyk (9-0) W KO 1 Mike Snider (9-3-3). Welter: Egidijus Kavaliauskas (12-0) W TKO 2 Prenice Brewer (17-4-1)

Kahn Clary vs. Cota

Kahn Clary puts on another class display as Top Rank bring him along steadily against useful opposition. Kahn Clary controlled this from the first bell. Cota was quick enough to be competitive over the first round but the hand speed of Kahn Clary was the dominating aspect of the fight. He was slotting punches through Cota’s defence time after time and gradually Cota moved from any idea of offence to survival. By the sixth Kahn Clary was hunting Cota down and trapping him on the ropes. Even when Cota managed to escape it was temporary and he was soon trapped again and taking punishment when the referee stopped the fight. Not sure about his “T Nice” nickname as he moves to 12 wins by KO/TKO. Bigger tests to come for the Liberian-born NGG champion but he has done everything asked of him so far. Mexican “Flash” Cota has lost 5 of his last 6 but tough opposition including Andrey Klimov. Jonathan Oquendo and Orlando Cruz in the losses.

Saucedo vs. Booth

Saucedo wins clearly but Booth plays his part in eight hard fought rounds. This was a close action fight with both looking to dominate ring centre and standing toe-to-toe trading. Booth was playing his part but he was being outscored by Saucedo over the second half of the fight. The left hook was Saucedo’s best weapon with Booth doing well when he was throwing overhand rights. Saucedo staged a strong finish. He had Booth staggering from a series of hard punches in the eighth and it looked as though the fight might be stopped but Booth deserved to be able to stay there to the bell. Scores 79-73 twice and 78-74 for Saucedo. The 21-year-old Oklahoma-based Mexican Saucedo turned pro at 17 and has good wins over Jake Giuriceo and Edgar Ortega. Floridian Booth, 28, had won his last 11 fights and gave a good account of himself but Saucedo was too strong on the night.

Vences vs. Suarez

“El Tiburon-The Shark” Vences never allowed Suarez to get in this fight and won every round. Despite giving away height and reach Vences was scoring with hooks inside and confusing Suarez by switching guards. His work rate and accuracy kept him in control with Suarez more style than substance. He rocked Suarez with a right in the third and he kept the pressure on to the final bell. Scores 80-72 from all three judges for Vences who was in his second eight round fight. Mexican Suarez had won 11 of his last 12 fights.

Gvozdyk vs. Snider

Ukrainian prospect Gvozdyk crushes Snider in one round. A right to the head put Snider down for the first time and body punches caused two more falls with the fight stopped with just two seconds left in the round. The 28-year-old 6’2” (188cm) Gvozdyk is a former Ukrainian and World University champion and also World championships quarter-finalist and Olympic bronze medallist. He has seven wins by KO/TKO and is certainly one to follow. Snider was 9-0-3 in his first 12 fights but it is now three losses in a row by KO/TKO.

Kavaliauskas vs. Brewer

Kavaliauskas again shows his power as he overwhelms once promising Brewer in two rounds. Brewer showed nice skills in the first. Fighting on the back foot for the whole round he scored with some quick over hand rights as Kavaliauskas walked him down looking to trap Brewer on the ropes. Kavaliauskas managed that for a few seconds at the end of the round. In the second Brewer was circling away from Kavaliauskas’ right but that was a mistake for when Kavaliauskas struck it was with double left hooks to body then head which sent Brewer down. He got up but a series of punches saw his knees buckle a couple of time before he finally dropped forward onto his knees. Once again he was up but trapped on the ropes with Kavaliauskas showering him with punches from both hands and with nothing coming back from Brewer the fight was stopped. The 27-year-old Lithuanian double Olympian makes it 11 wins in a row by KO/TKO. Brewer, 28, won gold medals at the NGG’s and the Pal and won his first 16 fights but that was followed by losses to Patrick Lopez, Ronald Cruz and Aaron Martinez and he had only one fight in almost four years. He lacked the power to be competitive against the hard punching Kavaliauskas.


Buenos Aires, Argentina: Light: Vicente Rodriguez (39-4-1) W TEC DEC 9.

Raul Centeno (19-3-1). Rodriguez wins the vacant WBC Latino title with technical decision over Centeno. Rodriguez had Centeno boxing on the back foot early. Rodriguez was able to get past Centeno’s guard over the first three rounds to score with hooks to the body but was showing a swelling by his right eye as a result of a clash of heads. Centeno was keeping the rounds close and he had a better fourth round when he was able to use his better skills and quick jabs. The fifth was an even round but pressure from Rodriguez in the sixth had Centeno on the ropes and too busy defending to really get home any effective counters. Centeno tried to turn the fight his way in the seventh with some good counters to head and body but Rodriguez just kept coming. The eighth and ninth were close rounds. Another clash of heads had worsened the damage around the right eye of Rodriguez and as it was badly swollen and restricting Rodriguez’s vision the referee asked the doctor to examine the injury and the fight was halted and went to the cards. Scores 88-83, 87-84 and 86-85 all for Rodriguez. The 31-year-old former Argentinian interim champion was knocked out in three rounds by Adrien Broner for the vacant WBO title in 2011. His activity level had dropped off with just one fight each in years 2013, 2014 and 2015. He is FAB No 3 so a national title shot could come later this year. Centeno, 27, the FAB No 5 lightweight, had a 10-0-1 run but has now lost consecutive fights.

Cinco Saltos, Argentina: Super Light: Mauro Godoy (22-1) W PTS 8 Jonathan Eniz (11-4-1). Godoy gets unanimous decision over Eniz in a fight cut from ten rounds to eight at the request of Eniz’s team. Former Argentinian champion Godoy won clearly but with southpaw Eniz using a mixture of punches and careless use of his head to make it awkward at times. Godoy outworked Eniz all the way. Scores 80-74, 80-75 and 79 ½-77 for 26-year-old Godoy. He won his first 19 fights but was then blown away inside a round by Xavier Luques Castillo in July last year which cost him the national title. Eniz had won his last three fights.

Hainaut, Belgium: Super Light: Steve Jamoye (19-1-1) W PTS 10 Farid Hakim (7-1). Super Welter: Sheldon Moore (16-4-1) W PTS 6 Jozsef Komany (13-21). Super Middle: Timur Nikarkhoev (8-0) W KO 1 Janos Vass (10-17-1).

Jamoye vs. Hakim

Jamoye regained the Belgian title with a very close unanimous verdict over the less experienced Hakim. Jamoye took the early rounds forcing the fight with Hakim keeping it close but falling behind. Both fighters had vociferous support and from the fourth that helped lift the local fighter Hakim who clawed back Jamoye’s early lead to put the fight in the balance. Jamoye showed his greater experience as he had saved something for the last two rounds and did enough to take the decision after an open, clean contest in which Hakim also increased his standing. Scores 96-95 twice and 97-94. Jamoye’s only loss was to big puncher Luca Giacon for the vacant WBC Silver title last March. He is EU No 18 and will be looking to fight his way back into the EBU ratings. He is the younger brother of Stephane the former European champion and WBA secondary title challenger. Algerian-born Hakim, 25, was making the first defence of his national title and the experience can only make him a better fighter.

Moore vs. Komany

Belgian Moore wins every round but Komany goes the distance. Moore handed out plenty of punishment but Komany did not crumble although he did use a few illegal tricks which cost him two points deductions. Scores 60-52 from all three judges. Moore, 28, was rebounding from a majority decision loss to Islam Teffahi for the WBC Francophone and WBC International Silver titles in December. He has fought in the USA on occasion and was knocked out in three rounds by Frank Galarza in April last year. Hungarian Komany, just 19, can’t afford to lose inside the distance as the suspension would cost him work. He had 16 fights last year.

Nikarkhoev vs. Vass

Nikarkhoev wasted no time here as he landed a left hook to the body that had Hungarian Vass doubled-up in pain and unable to get up. Now seven wins by KO/TKO for the 22-year-old locally-based Russian. Vass wins inside the distance at home and losses inside the distance when he travels outside the borders. Now 13 losses by KO/TKO.

Cormeilles-en-Parisis, France: Super Middle: Chris Rebrasse (24-4-3) W PTS 6 Matiouze Royer (14-23-6). Cruiser: Taylor Mabika (14-2-1) DREW 8 Sylvain Luce (9-10-1). Super Middle: Samy Anouche (19-2-1) W KO 4 Achilles Szabo (18-13).

Rebrasse vs. Royer

Rebrasse takes a payday in his preparation for his fight with Rocky Fielding in April and takes unanimous decision over former French title challenger Royer. Scores 59-55 from each judge. After losses to George Groves and Callum Smith he will be hoping it is third time lucky for him in England. Royer, the FFB No 5 falls to 2-5-1 in his last 8 fights but has only lost by KO/TKO once.

Mabika vs. Luce

Mabika returns to fight in France for the first time in three years but disappoints in draw with Luce. Scores 78-74 for Mabika, 77-75 for Luce and 76-76. After back-to-back losses to Arsen Goulamirian and Krzys Glowacki the 37-year-old from Gabon, the IBU world champion and former WBC-ABU champion, had won five in a row. “El Loco” Luce, 35, the FFB No 1is 3-3-1 in his last seven fights.

Anouche vs. Szabo

Just a stay busy pay day for Anouche as his power proves too much for Hungarian fellow-southpaw Szabo as Anouche gets a fourth round kayo. Now 15 wins by KO/TKO for 32-year-old Anouche and just one loss in his last 21 fights. That loss was to Spaniard Mariano Hilario for the vacant EU title. The title is vacant again. Anouche was to have fought Eduard Gutknecht for the vacant title but instead super middle Gutknecht gets a shot at Juergen Braehmer for the secondary WBA light heavy title. Six losses by KO/TKO for Szabo.


Queretaro, Mexico: Super Middle: Marco Periban (24-3-1) W TKO 4 Jose Miguel Torres (31-8). Feather: Andres Gutierrez (34-0-1) W TKO 9 Manuel Echenique (14-4).

Periban vs. Torres

Periban wins but in controversial ending. After two close rounds where Periban found Torres an elusive target he confidently took the third with Torres constantly under fire. That changed in the fourth and now it was Torres doing the scoring. He landed a whole series of punches and looked as if he might stop the Mexican. Instead Periban fired a right that dropped Torres. The Colombian made it to his feet and looked ready to continue but the referee stopped the fight. It seemed that Periban took worse punishment early in the round so the stoppage angered the Colombian, his corner and the fans. The 31-year-old Mexican could not afford a loss. A spell consisting of a draw with Badou Jack but losses to Sakio Bika, J’Leon Love and James DeGale had seen him drop out of the ratings and he had done some minor rebuilding with three wins in 2015 but his position was fragile. Torres, 36, was a known puncher with 27 wins by KO/TKO but he had been down seven times when losing to Martin Murray in September.

Gutierrez vs. Echenique

There was only going to be one winner here but Argentinian showed resilience and guts to take Gutierrez into the tenth round. The local “Little Jaguar” battered away at Echenique from the opening round and handed out such a pasting that it was difficult to know how or why Echenique was still there. Gutierrez found the target with hard punches from both hands in every round. By the end Echenique had cuts over both eyes and one on his nose and he was bleeding from the mouth. The fight could and probably have been stopped by the seventh or eighth rounds and finally when a battered Echenique went back to his corner at the end of the ninth the fight was over. The Queretaro-born Gutierrez, the WBC No 6, wins the vacant WBC Latino title and has 23 wins by KO/TKO but there are no significant names on his record. Echenique, 24, was not rated in the FAB top 10. He had won his first 12 fights and then gone 3-3 in his next six with only one ten round fight-a loss, so he was badly over-matched here.

Ciudad Obregon, Mexico: Light: Fernando Carcamo (21-6) W TKO 3 Daniel Echevarria (19-2). Super Feather: Julio Barraza (13-0-1) DREW 10 Edson Ramirez (13-2-1). Super Fly: David Sanchez (29-3-2) W PTS 8 Eleazar Valenzuela (12-4-2). Light Fly: Gilberto Parra (21-3,1ND) W PTS 8 Esteban Bermudez (9-2-1).

Carcamo vs. Echevarria

Carcamo almost scores a perfect one punch kayo, the only thing ruining it that somehow Echevarria actually made it to his feet when that seemed impossible. Echevarria took the first round as Carcamo had trouble with the southpaw style of Echevarria and was being out-jabbed. At the end of the first round a clash of heads opened a bad cut on the left eyebrow of Echevarria. He just ignored it and had the better of the action in the second at one point scoring with three successive overhand lefts. They were fighting on even terms in the third when a thunderbolt straight left from Carcamo slammed into the chin of Echevarria who fell to the canvas flat on his back. Somehow he managed to get to the vertical but there was no way he was going to be able to continue after that punch and the fight was stopped. Carcamo, the 25-year-old “Yaqui Warrior”, improved his profile quite a bit when beating Samuel Kotey Neequaye and Miguel Angel Gonzalez in the ESPN Boxcino tournament but was stopped by Petr Petrov in the final. He went back to basics with three low level wins in 2015 but this, his 16th win by KO/TKO, was spectacular and should lead to bigger fights. Echevarria, 23, won his first 18 fights before losing a majority decision to Jorge Paez Jr in August last year. He had re-established himself with a good win over Abner Lopez in November. He was doing okay in this fight until that punch.

Barraza vs. Ramirez

The judges saw this one as a majority draw but they were about the only ones who did. Most thought that Ramirez had won clearly and the words “robbery” were being mentioned frequently. It was an exciting scrap with both more than ready to trade but Ramirez looked to have done enough to take the verdict. Scores 96-96, 94-94 and 96-94 for Ramirez. Barraza was coming off good victories over Carlos Jacobo and Adrian Young (22-2-1). Ramirez had won his last 10 fights and was up at ten rounds for the first time. A return would be justice for both fighters.

Sanchez vs. Valenzuela

This was intended as a fight to ease Sanchez back with a win, but Valenzuela did not seem to get the point. Valenzuela showed no respect for the superior experience or power of “Tornado” Sanchez and fought the former WBA interim champion hard all the way and was unlucky not to come away with at least a draw. Scores 78-74 and 77-75 for Sanchez and 77-76 for Valenzuela. Sanchez had a 15 bout winning streak snapped in September when he lost his interim title to Luis Concepcion on a tenth round retirement. He is No 12 with the WBA so faces a long road to another title shot. Valenzuela had his own winning streak of nine fights broken when he lost a six round decision to unbeaten Eduardo Ramirez in September so he might get more work on the basis of this performance again a former champion.
Parra vs. Bermudez

Parra finds himself also fighting an opponent who did not realise he was just there to pad the hometown fighters record. Parra was forced to fight hard in every round and to stage a strong finish as Bermudez exceeded expectations, Scores 78-74, 77-75 and 78-77 for Parra. Parra gets his second win since losing in nine rounds to Donnie Nietes for the WBO title March. Bermudez had gone 9-0-1,1ND in his first 11 fights but that streak was broken in his last fight when he was knocked out inside a round by another inexperienced fighter. Should have meant an easy night for Parra but that’s not how it turned out.

Moscow, Russia: Middle: Dmitry Chudinov (18-1-2) W KO 2 Marat Khuzeev (22-11-1).

Chudinov has no trouble disposing of overmatched Khuzeev. After stalking Khuzeev in the first round Chudinov ended it in the second. Three consecutive hooks to the body put Khuzeev down. He crawled in agony to a corner and dragged himself up using the ropes and was on his feet at the end of the eight count. He tried to run but Chudinov trapped him on the ropes and a left hook to the body put him down and he took the count on his knees with his head on the canvas. The 29-year-old Russian “Night Wolf”, a former interim WBA champion, lost his title to Chris Eubank Jr in February last year and this makes four wins since then. Fellow-Russian Khuzeev was knocked out in two rounds by Saul Alvarez for the vacant WBC Youth title back in 2009. Things are not any better for him now as he is 4-7 in his last 11 bouts with 6 of those 7 losses by KO/TKO.