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WATCH Top five strength and conditioning exercises for boxing

strength and conditioning exercises for boxing
Esther Lin/Showtime
Boxing Science's Danny Wilson reveals his top strength and conditioning exercises for boxing

When using the Q and A app on Instagram, we always get asked “what are the S&C exercises for boxing?” or “what is the best way improve punch power?” So we have decided to put a small video together on our favourite exercises, and the reasons for why we use them.

These are my gold standard, might not be everyone else’s, but using our experience of working with boxers we have selected these exercises to suit the movement issues of boxers and limitations of a general boxing training camp – as well as selecting the exercises that will give “the most bang for your buck!”

Obviously this doesn’t include every exercise that make up the full programme – and there might be some big exercises missing that you might expect to see in here. We will make some explanations in the video.

There are many different exercises that are important and integral to a boxers’ S&C programme. However this video focuses on the exercises that directly relate to punching force, rather than overall strength, mobility and stability that a boxer also needs.

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