Feature | Video | Mar 28 2015

VIDEO: Watch how Jhonny Gonzalez won the WBC featherweight title

Gary Russell Jnr challenges Jhonny Gonzalez tonight. Here's the stunning knockout that saw Abner Mares lose the crown in 2013

“I am well aware of the history of the prestigious WBC featherweight title and the many great Mexican fighters before me who held it. It is an honor and a privilege and actually very exciting for me to be mentioned with those names,” Jhonny Gonzalez said. “I definitely know that more people have been watching me since I knocked out Abner Mares. Knowing that more people are paying attention keeps me motivated, keeps me going strong.

“I feel I am getting better with every fight. Every victory only makes me work that much harder.

“I am very excited about fighting Gary Russell. He is a great fighter and this is going to be a great fight. I am totally prepared for anything. Everyone says it is my power against his speed, but anything can happen in a fight.