Feature | Jul 12 2018

Viddal Riley – training a Youtube star and turning pro with Jeff Mayweather

Training Youtube sensation KSI brought British amateur Viddal Riley to Las Vegas and taking on the Mayweather Team, writes Jack Figg
Viddal Riley
Bout 24 91kg - COURTNEY CLIFF RED North Star (TTW) beat TOM WELCH Brighton Hove (SC) - Split-36  |  Chris Bevan/England Boxing

VIDDAL RILEY. That’s a name Boxing News readers will recognise from domestic national championships. However, to others he’s the boxing trainer of Youtuber KSI. A Youtuber with almost 19 million subscribers, who in February 2018 beat fellow UK Youtuber Joe Weller in a boxing exhibition, in front of a sold out Copper Box arena with over 25 million people viewing the bout.

The two were introduced through mutual friends, became a team and have since been training for another all Youtuber fight, this time against American Logan Paul, himself owner of a channel with just under 18 million subscribers.

And here Riley’s professional boxing career began, with a story more bizarre than the thought of KSI and Weller selling out the Copper Box arena.