Victor Ortiz vows to start ‘new chapter’ of career with violent win over Andre Berto

victor ortiz
Chris Farina/TGB Promotions
Victor Ortiz plans to repeat his 2011 win over Andre Berto

VICTOR ORTIZ hopes to begin the ‘new chapter’ of his boxing career with a second win over Andre Berto at the StubHub Center in California on April 30.

Ortiz outpointed Berto in a barnstormer in 2011 during which both men found themselves on the deck numerous times.

Since then, Ortiz has fought just five times – losing three of those, one against Floyd Mayweather – but the 29-year-old is ready to get himself back on track.

“This is definitely the next chapter of my boxing career and I want to take full advantage of it. I’m healthy and I’m young and I’m still able to pull the trigger,” he said.

“Everyone said I was a ‘tomato can’ who had no business being in the ring with Berto the first time. I had to go to Connecticut to get my belt and my respect.

“I’ve fought a lot of wars. I’ve been in battles. I broke my jaw and my wrist, that’s three years [out] right there. But my will to fight led me back. The more boxing I watched, the more upset it made me. I don’t think the other welterweights are on my level.”

Berto has had one more outing that Ortiz since their first fight, also losing three, including one to Mayweather, but Ortiz resents Andre’s claims that he had something to do with his drop in form.

“Berto blames me for his downward spiral. He thinks he has a chance this time. Always a good dream to have,” he mused.

“I’m not going the distance this time. I’m going in 100 miles per hour, full throttle.

“2011 was one heck of a year. The repeat is coming on April 30 because I want another world championship. Berto is a tremendous warrior; I’ll give him that. I’ll be ready and I know he will be too.”

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