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Vasyl Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell – The Big Preview

Elliot Worsell breaks down the fascinating Vasyl Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell unification battle
Vasyl Lomachenko vs Luke Campbell
Action Images/Reuters/Andrew Couldridge

IT’S a tough task previewing a Vasyl Lomachenko fight if the intention is to make the fight in question seem competitive. It’s even tougher constructing the game plan to ensure a fight against Vasyl Lomachenko is competitive. The toughest job of all, though, belongs to the man trying to carry out this game plan, make a mockery of the preview, and be not just competitive but better than Vasyl Lomachenko in a boxing ring.

This Saturday (August 31) in London that man is Luke Campbell,whose job it is to exploit flaws in Lomachenko no one else has spotted, let alone attacked. Meanwhile, it’s the job of Shane McGuigan, Campbell’s coach, to keep the challenger believing even when it dawns on him that perceived flaws have a habit of becoming counterpunches in the company of Lomachenko.

Belief. It’s what it’s all about. Yet to believe in Campbell’s chances against Lomachenko, the WBA and WBO lightweight champion, you need to be either brave or biased. You need to either suspend disbelief or be affiliated with the Hull man. Anything else, based on the evidence available, is little more than conjecture, blind optimism.