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UFC London – Michael Bisping vs Anderson Silva technical breakdown

Martin Potter @theboxingbrain breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of The Count, Michael Bisping ahead of the Anderson Silva fight

Tactics for the fight with Silva:

To win this fight I believe that Michael Bisping needs to vary his usual striking game, close the distance and not give Silva time or space. Given his defensive wrestling ability, I am convinced that Bisping must have more in terms of takedowns and I think he needs to use wrestling in this fight. Chael Sonnen , in his first first with Silva, as well as Chris Weidman in his two victories, showed how a good wrestler can unsettle The Spider.

The Count needs to maintain pressure, not let Silva settle into a rhythm and not be distracted by the Brazilian’s penchant for showboating. Nick Diaz, equally as adept a boxer as Bisping, found he could not out-strike Silva; I think Bisping will be making a mistake if he tries to.

As much as I like and respect him, four years ago I’d have given Michael Bisping no chance in this fight. In Bisping’s favour now are the fact that Anderson Silva has had two periods of inactivity and is now over 40 (although at 36, Bisping himself is no spring chicken). If Silva has slowed – and there is evidence that he has – then there is every possibly The Count could capitalise.

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