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UFC London – Michael Bisping vs Anderson Silva technical breakdown

Martin Potter @theboxingbrain breaks down the strengths and weaknesses of The Count, Michael Bisping ahead of the Anderson Silva fight


Although Michael Bisping does everything very well, it could be argued that he isn’t outstanding in any specific area. Whilst his striking is very good technically, he does not posses the raw power to knock out elite level opponents with one shot. It is noticeable that prior to entering the UFC Bisping stopped every fighter he faced, but as his level of opponent increased, the stoppage victories dried up.

Whilst defensive wrestling is a strong point for Bisping, attacking wrestling is not something he often attempts – it is rare you will see him shoot for a double leg or go for a big throw. This leaves his main avenue of attack as striking and at championship level, without takedowns, you need to either be exceptional at it or carry one punch knock out power; being very good is not quite enough.

Again, Michael Bisping is decent at defending submissions and ‘pops up’ when he does get taken down very well but it he hasn’t demonstrated a huge attacking Jiu Jitsu arsenal.

Overall Michael Bisping has proved to be the one of the best contenders in the world over a number of years but unfortunately he just hasn’t had enough to go from contender to champion. At the age of 36 it is difficult to see that changing – I hope I’m wrong.

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