Opinion | Aug 15 2018

Tyson Fury: ‘You’ll see a heavyweight Sugar Ray Leonard’

In his own words, Tyson Fury looks forward to fighting for the second time in less than 75 days following a nearly three-year layoff
Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury  |  Esther Lin/SHOWTIME

“THE old Tyson Fury is gone. The Tyson Fury from three years ago and beyond is finished. Let’s face it, we all move forward in life with age and experiences and I’m not looking to dwell on the past. I’m looking to live for today and improve on who I am tomorrow. The new Tyson Fury is here now and my promise is to put on a good fight. Whether that’s better or worse than the old Tyson Fury, we’ll find out on Saturday night.

“What you’re likely to see from me on Saturday is a heavyweight Sugar Ray Leonard. Anything less is a failure.

“I do want to win a world title again so I have to raise my game. I’ve been out of the ring for three years nearly. It’s an uphill battle to lose the weight I’ve lost. It’s been challenging and a long, hard battle to get back to where I am.


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