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Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua: 50 fans’ views

50 boxing fans have their say on a potential clash of Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua – who would win and why

Allan Cardiss
I think it’s too hard to call at this stage in Joshua’s career, Fury would nullify Joshua’s power by keeping him on the end of the jab, which Fury does well and even Whyte managed to keep AJ away in the second by jabbing and moving.

Danilo Gateau
AJ will make a short end to Fury’s reign if they square up this year because AJ can match boxing skills with Fury and is fast enough to move and trade blows with him. AJ’s power is unmatched so far and will prove effective against Fury, if he doesn’t get KO’d.

Johny Powell
At this moment in time 100 per cent Fury. He just beat Klitschko who hadn’t lost for 11 years to win three world titles. AJ just fought his first live fighter and didn’t look as good as he did previously at British level so for me Fury would win now.

Tommy Coursey
I favour Anthony Joshua, based on athleticism alone. Fury is slow and uncoordinated, doesn’t throw enough, and he’s chinny. If Steve Cunningham’can drop him, Joshua walks right through him.

Lee Skelton
Tyson Fury quite easily at the moment; far too much boxing nous.

Gavin Lane
When Fury beat Klitschko he got him at the end of his career. The fight was boring with him prancing about the ring and Klitschko just watching him. Fair play to Fury he’s the champ right now but I can’t see him lasting long with the belt.

Thunder Tiger
Fury would give Joshua a straight-up boxing lesson.

Anthony Rayfield
Joshua would win, he’s proven himself to be calm under pressure, has a strong dominating presence in the ring. He’s a heavy hitter with pinpoint accuracy and has great footwork. The Tyson Fury v Klitschko fight was a slow, sloppy fight.

Ben West
It depends when they fight. If they fought now, I’d say it could go either way. When Joshua has gone and got another year or so of experience under his belt, he would absolute demolish Fury. No rush anyway, Joshua will be one of the greats when he retires IMO.

Anthony Redmond
Tyson Fury wins here and now without a doubt in my opinion. Another 18 months or two  years down the line I’m not so sure. AJ needs fights and rounds under his belt just like Fury did. They shouldn’t rush him. I like both of them so that’s from a neutral point of view.


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