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Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua: 50 fans’ views

50 boxing fans have their say on a potential clash of Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua – who would win and why

Daz Milne
I’m a fan of both, I had Fury to beat Klitchko which he did but Joshua has now proved he can last and has a chin which was a question he comfortably answered. I’d go Joshua but at the end of the day in heavyweight boxing it only takes one shot so no one can be 100 per cent sure.

Fata Osy Sangyum
I like both boxers but my favourite is Anthony Joshua and also my favourite to knock out Tyson Fury. Anthony has the techniques and the knockout power-punches. If it happens it won’t be a long fight. Good luck to you both.

Chris Reeves
Fury is a step up in class at the moment, he would absolutely school Joshua. Fury’s jab and footwork would have Joshua absolutely snookered. Always a puncher’s chance in any heavyweight fight but for me Fury would embarrass him.

Sam Robinson
Everyone is going nuts about Anthony Joshua, Fury’s the world heavyweight champion, Joshua has just won the British title – not a chance Joshua will win – regardless of the power he has Fury will just play with him all night long.

Ash Chambers
Anthony Joshua all the way, a few more fights and he will show that Tyson isn’t that good, he got lucky with Klitchsko. As for Joshua he would go straight into Tyson to get the KO and he will because he is way too powerful for Tyson

Ricky Williamson
Joshua has fought undefeated fighters in his last two fights so give him a break, saying he’s fought nobodies. Fury has only fought bums apart from an ageing Klitschko, Joshua wins for me by KO.

Allan Lawrence
I hate Fury and I hope Klitschko ends his career in the rematch, but he would beat Joshua comfortably purely because he stands and jabs. Joshua was given some trouble by Whyte who jabbed a lot and it went to round eight. Fury is much more experienced however I think a lot of people like me who hate Fury will say Joshua.

Michael Oppong
Tyson Fury is technically better. He will win most of the rounds, AJ will struggle to hurt him! He will struggle to land a clean punch as Tyson has a awkward style meaning his defence is brilliant! Tyson will make it look too easy by schooling him!

Tom Leary
In a year or so maybe Joshua. I’m sick of people saying he has only fought bums, his record at the moment is on par with Fury’s. Both fought easy opponents to start with and then fought for and won the British title in their 15th fight, Joshua knocking out Whyte and Fury going the distance with Chisora.

Paul Gunnin
Fury would win. Joshua couldn’t cope with Fury’s power. If Whyte rocked AJ then I think Fury would finish him. Give Joshua a few more fights with rounds and hard-hitting opponents and he will be able to push for the bigger boys and succeed.

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