AFTER Anthony Joshua passed the latest test on his intended route to the top of the heavyweight tree – stopping arch-rival Dillian Whyte on Saturday – we asked our fans on Facebook how the hot prospect and British and Commonwealth champion would perform right now, against world ruler Tyson Fury. Here is what 50 of them had to say about Tyson Fury v Anthony Joshua.

Michael Carabott
Fury has just outfoxed and outboxed Klitschko. Let him enjoy the start of his reign. Joshua looks impressive, but he needs more fights under his belt. Fighting more opponents will give him more styles to work out. Fury uses at least four or five different ones in any given bout.

Gubs Sangha
If Joshua can take a left hook from a powerhouse in Dillian Whyte I’m quite sure he’d take Furys shots (if he was to get hit). Who’s the better boxer? Fury had good amateur pedigree but AJ won an Olympic super-heavyweight gold medal. Who’s faster and more powerful? AJ can run 100m in less than 11 seconds and is built like a muscular beast, although Fury does have faster hands and throws from complex angles. Anthony Joshua wins.

Samuel Jones
Fury any which way he wants. This fight is way way way too soon for AJ. I thought it was a leap before the Klitschko fight but Fury is so far ahead right now. Give it a year or so perhaps it’s different but only one winner right now and that’s Fury.

Phil Coppola
Tyson Fury comfortably. He takes Joshua to school just now… maybe in five years it would be a better fight for Joshua.

Simon Malcherczyk
Klitschko made Fury look good, the fight was a poor advertisement for heavyweight boxing, I personally don’t rate Fury and feel he won’t keep his belts very long! AJ has all the tools to be a great heavyweight, he just lacks the maturity that comes with rounds under the belt with quality fighters.

Martin Whipday
How anyone can say Fury is a better boxer is beyond me, okay he won the title but with the worst boxing match I have ever witnessed, an embarrassment to heavyweight boxing. AJ will beat him now IMO.

Graham Wraight 
I think Joshua would do him right now. Apart from an old Klitschko who has Fury really fought in his career – Dereck Chisora or some pumped-up cruiserweight. AJ would demolish Fury now.

Jay Brooks
Fury wins this fight hands down. He has the superior boxing skills and physical advantages to beat AJ comfortably.

Craig William Jones
Fury would beat Joshua now, although I think Joshua would beat Deontay Wilder now. He could go that route after winning the European to set up a massive British unification fight in 2017 providing Fury keeps winning.

Daley Francis
Based on Saturday night, Fury would jab Joshua into oblivion. But if Joshua hit Fury with the same uppercut with which he KO’d Whyte, Fury would travel back in time. Give it two years and this could be one for the ages.

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