Tyson Fury Twitter watch: a month in the mind of the world heavyweight champion

Tyson Fury Twitter
We analyse the best of the world heavyweight champion's recent tweets in Tyson Fury Twitter watch

WE present something that may or may not become a regular feature: Tyson Fury Twitter watch. Selecting and sharing the giant’s most notable tweets provides a fascinating insight into his mind and character – as does our own unique analysis. Enjoy. NB: All grammatical errors are down to the man himself, we promise we have not added any for comedy value, though several punctuation marks were harmed in the making of this article.

Nov 21

Boxing in Germany vs a home fighter is no joke! U have to win 5 men to win fight! 3 judges the ref & the boxer! Only way is a ko! Ko! KO!

But Fury did win, sans the KO and without having to smack the officials around.

Nov 21

Can’t wait to show the world how it’s done in Germany next Saturday night I’m going to splatter @Klitschko night night!

It wasn’t quite night night for Wlad although their fight may have sent a few people to a peaceful slumber.

Nov 23

Just been watching some of @Klitschko fights on U tube, wow this guy is in deep trouble on Saturday night & new for sure,!!!! Easy win!!!

Well he sure got that one right. I wonder who he’s picking for Sports Personality of the Year.

Nov 28

Absolutely buzzing for tonight, I’ve been laying down most of the day, Feeling great, blessed be the Lord Jesus Christ.

Fury declares himself ready for Wladimir Klitschko. 12 rounds later many other people would be uttering the phrase “Jesus Christ!”

Nov 29

Well a really good night, blessed be the Lord he living God.

An uncharacteristically muted reaction from Fury to the greatest win of his career.

Nov 29

The real life Jerry McGuire story, LOYALTY

Fury appropriately captions an early-career image of him with promoter Mick Hennessy and another of the latter holding his world title belts.

Nov 30

Still the same old G

But, unlike Dr Dre, he’s never been low-key.

Dec 3

The Gypsy King, & the heavyweight champion of the world, will not be silenced I’ll always speak my mind, Like it or lump it, in Jesus name.

Well, he certainly meant what he said.

Dec 4

I’ve got more personality than all the other competitors put together,in this years @BBCSPOTY who can compete with my sporting achievement!!

Fury makes two valid points in the same sentence. Rumours abound of liberal commentators fainting.

Dec 6

Think they should bring back the death penalty for certain crimes! Have we gone to soft UK

Fury is apparently a fan of capital punishment and we don’t just mean hammering Chisora at the ExCel.

Dec 9
Kelly [sic] Maloney don’t throw stones if u live in a glass house! Hypocrite & just to set the record straight I don’t hate homosexuals! U heard it from the Gypsy king.!!!!

Fury highlights an old interview where Kellie Maloney – then Frank and campaigning for UKIP – made “homophobic” comments. To be fair, the party may have deselected him if he hadn’t [Note: that’s satire].

Dec 9

All this talk of@GregRutherford_ who is he exactly?????

He’s a long jumper, Tyson, and one who has captured many titles. He also wanted you for the high jump…

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