Tyson Fury trainer: ‘Anthony Joshua will get his chance’

Anthony Joshua
Lawrence Lustig/Matchroom
Peter Fury discusses what next for Tyson beyond Wladimir Klitschko. By John Dennen

AFTER dethroning heavyweight ruler Wladimir Klitschko in Dusseldorf on Saturday, Tyson Fury is now king of the world. Exciting options lies ahead of him, not least Britain’s own Anthony Joshua, the Olympic gold medallist who’s caused a stir as he’s risen through the professional ranks.

Tyson’s trainer and uncle Peter Fury told Boxing News, “I think Joshua’s a major fight. It’s not what Joshua’s achieved, it’s what the public perception is of him, he’s got a massive following.”

But the coach cautioned, “I say it time and time again, he’s nowhere near ready for the Tysons of the world. There’s a gulf of inexperience. I think if Joshua keeps winning, they guide him right, I think it’s also a major super-fight. Sure if he keeps winning we will definitely look at it. Joshua he will get his chance, if he keeps winning.

“That’s a huge fight for Joshua and Tyson down the road but not yet.”

More appealing to the Fury team is the owner of the one major belt Tyson doesn’t now possess, WBC titlist Deontay Wilder. “I think moving beyond Wladimir, if Deontay Wilder is still WBC champ, which he probably will be, we’d like to see that fight as well. As soon as Wladimir’s out the way – that’s the fight. If Wladimir decides not to fight [in a rematch] then we’ll be getting it on with Deontay Wilder next year for sure,” Peter explained. “These are the type of fights we’re looking at. We want the fights now which all the public are raving on about. Because Tyson said to me, ‘I want to take out every top heavyweight in the division straight away.’ He ain’t going to mess around. He doesn’t want any this and that. Mick Hennessy will get the job done, get them, line them up and take them. Then there’s no dispute, he wants to be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world. He wants just to peck off all the good ones straight away and then whoever comes up.

“He’s definitely not going to mess around.”

Most likely next is a rematch with Klitschko, but Fury hopes that fight can take place in Britain. “We’re definitely going to have the rematch if Wladimir decides to have the rematch. That’ll be a mega-fight. I’d like to see that fight in England in Wembley stadium, probably around anything from April, May, that time next year. I think that’s a big stadium fight and it’s a homecoming fight for Tyson having his first defence of those belts. I’d like to see that. I know Mick [Hennessy, Tyson’s promoter] has the same sentiments as me because I think it’s a massive fight [in the UK] and I think it outweighs anywhere else around the world for us,” Peter said.

“You’ve got to give Wladimir the ultimate respect and I’ve always said that. I’ve always respected Wladimir and his team anyway. They’re great ambassadors for the sport, they’ve achieved so much in the sport. But everybody’s reign has to come to an end. But he’s got a rematch clause. Personally I’d like him to take it. I see that as a very, very big fight in the UK. There’s no clauses in the contract why it can’t be. We’ve done the rematch clause, we’re happy with it and it’s wherever the fight makes best sense. So if we can get it on, it’ll be a massive stadium fight.”

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