Feature | Jun 06 2018

Tyson Fury says Joshua and Wilder will ‘look like a couple of bums’ compared to him

'It’s a great time to be heavyweight,' revels Tyson Fury as he draws inspiration from Roy Jones and Muhammad Ali all at once, writes John Dennen
Tyson Fury
Tyson Fury & Sefer Seferi public work-outs  |  Action Images/Jason Cairnduff

TYSON FURY has had his dark days, we know that. But he’s also showing a masterful knack for positive reinforcement. “I am the greatest heavyweight of all time, I ain’t got to be modest, I am the best ever, me, Tyson Fury, the Gypsy King, the one and only. When you look at all these fighters today, who’s active, when has there ever been somebody like me?” he proclaims.

It’s hard to argue that Tyson Fury is one of kind. Only his most ardent supporters would compare him to Muhammad Ali, although the man himself finds one particular storyline hard to resist. “You’ve got the lineal champion, the real Mac, who’s been in exile for three years like Muhammad Ali was and you’ve got the other guys who have done their thing in the meantime,” the former champion reasoned. “Once I come back, I am back and then I’ll take over again, just like Muhammad Ali done. Nobody gave him a chance. I’m sure all the journalists and all the boxing pundits around the world are saying after three years I can’t do it again. I shocked you all the first time and I’m to shock everybody for the second time.

“Fans can expect to see me at my best. The most flamboyant heavyweight on the planet.”