TYSON FURY has predicted the result of his July 7 rematch with Wladimir Klitschko. Tyson, who outpointed the Ukrainian in Germany to win Klitschko’s heavyweight world titles, declared, “The outcome of this fight is going to be different. I’m going to knock him out inside a round. So there we are. Just to show how s*** he really is. No 40-year-old born from his mother can beat Tyson Fury, 27.”

Wladimir responded simply himself, pledging in turn, “I will knock Tyson Fury out.”

The Briton though was unconvinced. “Wladimir’s not a fighter. As I said before in all the build up, no matter what I said came true and I’ll tell you all he’s a manufactured, built up boxer. So when you’ve got a manufactured boxer, he isn’t a natural fighting man like me. He can’t change his style so if he wants come and have a dogfight in the middle of the ring, he’s asking the right man, isn’t he, so to do that. I highly doubt it though. He could give it his last hurrah, like ‘I’ll have a few swings’ and take one and go over. Don’t be surprised if that does happen, if he does come out swinging, to give it his last go for a few rounds. I’ll just chin him, won’t I? Simple.”

Naturally Klitschko disputed Fury’s prediction. “Is it Nostradamus sitting here on the right side of me? Speaking that he knows life and boxing and all this?” Wladimir wondered.

Wladimir promised that he is determined to win. “I’m expecting when I walk into this arena that most of the fans are going to be for Tyson Fury and this is his home town. This is his home, his arena so to speak. I’m actually very happy that this fight, this revenge, is going to be staged here and not in Germany, Ukraine or the US. I love the very fact that all the fans are going to be on his side. I know I have hard core Klitschko fans who are also going to be there, but the majority are going to be for Fury. I will definitely have more motivation than I have ever had,” he said.

The new champion though intends to use the home crowd to his full advantage. “Let’s make it as hostile as possible for the foreigner coming over to try to take my belts,” Fury urged. “Let him be quaking in his boots like a little girl because he is a psychological wreck and he’s lost his titles already.

“You need to have punches thrown at you to be able to counter and take a man out. He didn’t want to take the risks. I was the challenger. He didn’t want to hold on to his belts did he really? Because I didn’t see rounds 10, 11, 12, he didn’t come out swinging. He came out jabbing and grabbing. He held me for 60 percent of the full fight.

“So now I’ve took his belts off him easy, what’s he going to be like now when he comes over here and he’s up on those stairs thinking, ‘Oh my god, I’ve got to go in that ring again with that idiot. Where the punches are going to come from I don’t know’? What’s he going to do? We’ll find out. Probably hold me, jab and grab like he always has done. End of.”