Issue | News | Premium | Sep 03 2019

Tributes to John Donaghy

The sport has lost an unsung hero John Donaghy, writes Terry Dooley
John Donaghy

FOR most of us life has a fixed routine. You go to work then go home and enjoy what remains of the day with your loved ones. If you are lucky you enjoy what you do, if you don’t you enjoy the fruits of it. Some people, though, draw a line under their working day, catch some family time, and then go out to pursue their passion using their precious personal time, and all too often with little or no reward. In every small boxing gym up and down the country there are people working tirelessly to contribute to the sport. They do not feature on TV every few weeks, have to make sacrifices to strike the right life balance, and are fuelled by their passion. John Donaghy was one of those people.

Before and after a hard day’s work, he would head to Donaghy’s Boxing Gym in Preston to train the men, women and children who walked through its doors. He was one of the unseen, the grafters who quietly try to push the sport forward.

Sadly, Donaghy passed away a fortnight ago after suffering a fatal heart attack. He was only 44 and leaves behind a young daughter, Ava. He has also left a huge void in the lives of his family and friends.