News | Sep 11 2016

Trainer pulls Kell Brook out of Gennady Golovkin fight in the fifth round

'When there are five Gennady Golovkins, you don't know which one to hit,' reflects Kell Brook, writes John Dennen
Kell Brook
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KELL BROOK’S impetuous challenge to Gennady Golovkin, the unified middleweight champion, ended in the fifth round when his trainer Dominic Ingle waved the white towel and pulled him out to spare him further punishment.

Brook had fought bravely. Golovkin, in no mood to show any mercy to a jumped up welterweight, was on Kell quickly in the first round. A left hook sank flush into his jaw early on. For an instant Brook sagged beneath it, but refused to fall. In fact he rallied. In the second remarkably he unearthed dazzling combinations, even pushed Golovkin on to the backfoot at times. His fast shots clipped Gennady, who did have some bruising on his face afterwards. But that was nothing compared to how Brook’s face marked up during the fight. Gennady carries terrible power in both hands and he cranked up a remorseless intensity. The shuddering punches began to hurt Brook. His eye started swelling up badly. Gradually it became harder and harder for Kell to keep him off. By the fifth round Golovkin was catching Brook on the ropes, keeping him there and hurting him with chopping punches in close.

Kell however never went down, Golovkin never put him down, at one moment Brook even shrugged as if to defy Golovkin. But he wasn’t getting out of the way and he wasn’t punching back. Dominic Ingle saw he was taking too much punishment and stood on the ring apron, waving the towel frantically to get the referee’s attention and end it in the fifth round. In the heat of the moment the crowd wanted it to continue, it had been a thrilling fight, but Ingle was saving Kell from taking too much punishment. Brook had to be taken to hospital straight after and it emerged that his eye socket was fractured. Clearly his trainer made the right decision.


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