WE all need to be inspired, whether you’re using the gym to get in shape, want to try out boxing or MMA workouts or you are a dedicated competitor looking to enhance your game. For an all new, 164-page Fighting Fit: Train like the Stars special we spoke to some of the biggest names in combat sport to find out how they train, what their routines are and to see what insights they could give us into training and fighting.

They offered us a rare look into the lives of elite athletes performing at the highest level. Carl Froch, fresh off competing in an event of historic proportions at Wembley Stadium in front of 80,000 spectators, is an iron-tough fighter in the ring but shows himself to be a thinking fighter in the gym too, closely engaged with his training routines. Alexander Gustafsson, the UFC star and Jon Jones’ great rival, is intensely focused but leaves the masterplan to his coaches. That total faith in his trainers is mirrored by their belief in their fighter.

Miguel Cotto shows that even a sporting superstar is not too old to change his coaching set-up and keep developing as a fighter. UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman reveals the training practices that enabled him to take over Anderson Silva’s throne.

David Haye shares his training tips and how to deal with the advancing years. UFC welterweight ruler Johny Hendricks explains the inner workings of his gym. Nicola Adams, the star of the London Olympic Games, exemplifies the mental fortitude and psychological methods needed to plot your way to success.

We speak exclusively to these athletes and many more big-name fighters as well as the coaching teams behind them. Within these features you’ll find workouts that you can try, weekly training schedules as well as the exercises they do in the gym, on the track or on the road, from technique drills to running, strength and conditioning, weight-making plus their unique approach to training and fighting.

In addition, to underpin your training we’ve included an essential guide to nutrition for fighters, that encompasses day-to-day eating, cutting weight, bulking up and staying close to your division limit. We also guide you through the basic equipment you need for your kitbag and review a range of products on the market.

For the Fight Culture section we unearthed a traditional martial arts master to describe the monastic discipline of training at the Shaolin Temple, Roger Gracie discusses his life in Brazilian jiu-jitsu and a top boxer, Robert Guerrero, extols the virtues of that most modern phenomenon, CrossFit.

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