Amateur | Issue | Premium | Aug 16 2019

Tori Ellis Willetts wants to follow in Nicola Adams’ footsteps, not fight her for the Olympic place

Tori Ellis Willetts is GB’s latest 51kgs boxer. She contemplates the Olympics and whether Nicola Adams could return
Tori Ellis Willetts
Tori Ellis Willetts is out of the tournament Andy Chubb/England Boxing

Were you surprised to get the opportunity to go to the European championships at 51kgs?

Yes, obviously it’s my first year on GB so it’s a big opportunity for me to go out and represent them in the Europeans. I got on last October so I’m fairly new to the programme. It’s really, really good. I went to Poland for my first international, won a bronze out there. It’s really good, I’m enjoying it.

Anyone that’s going to the Europeans has got to be at a top level to be there so it’s going to be a tough competition.